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The Power of Your Dollar: Conscious Consumerism

Updated: Jun 1

You are capable of creating change. Being a conscious consumer puts you in a HUGE position of power. In today’s society, we are basically told what to buy and we just listen! We are all capable of making a difference in our own lives and the world through our actions, what we believe in, and what we monetarily support. Every single day we use at least 100 products created by different companies. By purchasing the product or service, we have not only gained a physical item, but we have supported what that particular company practices and creates whether we know it or not! 

Gaining a full awareness and understanding of the power that our dollar holds in the business world, is the first step in truly making a difference. Once you can understand the depth of being a conscious consumer, every dollar that you spend will be all the more meaningful. Take the power back in your life and make purchases that truly matter to you! 

Whether it be for sustainability, clean beauty, ethical practices, or even moral standards, every company has a stance that is shown through their actions. 

What is a Conscious Consumer?

Your hard-earned money is important to you! When you finally get your paycheck, do you immediately go and give it to a charity that you don’t support? Of course not! A conscious consumer is an educated buyer who honestly knows where their money is going, what they are supporting, and what ingredients/materials make up their products. We put a whole lot of faith in businesses to put out products that are great for our health, environmentally friendly, and ethical, but they don’t always pull through. There are so many amazing companies that are using clean ingredients or practice strong corporate social responsibility, but it is up to us to find them!

A conscious consumer has the control and education to make their purchases meaningful and positive. We don’t have to choose between the four deodorant brands that are always on the shelf. We have the power to find a product that not only works, but fits our mold of an ideal company. If you don’t like supporting abuse in factories, stop buying clothes made in countries with poor regulations. If you hate when companies test on animals, stop supporting them. The information is all there and you just have to be willing to read it. 

Use Your Freedom to Choose

Being a conscious consumer allowed me to take the control back in my life and truly make my own educated decisions. The great thing about living in the United States is that we have the power to choose what we want to buy and what we want to sell. We all know that fast food or cigarettes for example are not healthy for us, but we have the freedom to avoid or buy it if we choose.

Potentially harmful items are being sold, but it is up to us to read the labels in order to make an educated decision. The food industry is a common place where consumers are conscious of their choices, but why not in other industries as well? 

The Dirty Secret of The Personal Care Industry

Because ingredients in personal care products are confusing and hard to pronounce, we seem to just assume that they are safe. For most, ignorance is bliss, but something in me couldn’t just not know what I was choosing between. I decided to dive head first into the great unknown of ingredients, brands, and production in order to finally utilize my freedom to choose the products that were right for me. The amount of harmful ingredients and carcinogens that are in our everyday products is unbelievable, but the average consumer would never even know the long-term damage that could occur. To see my guide on what ingredients to avoid click here! (I did the hard part for you!) 

It is empowering to fully utilize my freedoms and feel confident in the use of my dollar for good. Companies hope that you will be lazy and simply not look information up, so don’t give them that power!

 Value Your Beliefs - Have High Standards

Use what you believe in to fuel your purchases. Support those who support others and give back to the community. If consumers can break the grip of the mindless shopping habit, companies will have no choice but to listen and adapt to the demand. Becoming a conscious consumer can help your dollar be a crucial part of the movements that you always loved and supported.

It’s time to change the demand! If you want more manufacturing in the United States, use your dollar to change the demand! If you support living wages and safe working conditions, use your dollar once again to change the demand! Value your beliefs and what you know in your heart is right by acting on it with your freedom to choose. In our society, consumers have the power to change the direction of trends across multiple industries, so it is important to practice what you preach.

You may stop supporting brands that you loved which is scary, but better to know the truth than be blind. I dare you to research your favorite brands and see where your money is really going. Sometimes that cute shirt just isn’t worth it. 

If you wan to see some awesome brands to support, check out my article on 5 ethical online shops that support others!

Why Make the Switch

Transitioning to a conscious consumer lifestyle has completely changed my life more than I ever could’ve imagined! It has filled my life with greater meaning and purpose from day to day because I am constantly aware and passionate about the goals I am working towards. Gaining a new sense of confidence and self-trust can allow you to grow your passions and open doors for your future that you never imagined prior. Being a conscious consumer is easy for those who want to make a difference and expand their purpose. Use your power to facilitate change and feed into the movements that you support most in ways you never knew possible.  

With Love,

April Ann


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