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Tips For Creating Your Personal Brand

Updated: Jun 1

Curating an image for your blog, website, Instagram, and all other socials sounds superrrr difficult! I remember being so excited and tempted to start creating outlets that truly represent who I am and my personality, but I didn’t quite know how. Below are some of my tips and tricks for creating your own personal aesthetic that totally embodies your personality!

First thing’s first…

Don’t try to be like someone else because it’s been done before!

I know I get inspired every single day scrolling through my feed of amazing creators! It can be so easy to admire a concept or aesthetic and want to replicate it on your own. That is a big no no!

There is a difference of course between gaining inspiration, and letting yourself get caught up in trying to do what is best for more followers or likes. I know as a creator who wants to be on the internet for a living, it is really easy to say, “I am just going to post what I think people will want to see.” Well, the real trick I have found is to do what best embraces who you are!

Content actually does better when it represents YOU and not what you wish to be! Be the real version of yourself online instead of Ms. Perfect. It isn't always about the most high-quality images and cliché captions that you feel will be popular. It is about showing the world who you are through your branding and meaningful content. There is room for everyone on the internet, and if you stop thinking about creating as a competition, you will grow way faster! You do you girl!

Wearing what made me happy! Loved every second of it!

So, how do I create content that represents my personality?

What I did when starting my blog and Instagram page was really helpful in my evolution as a creator.

First, I wrote a bunch of lists. I know it may not sound fun, but I love taking a pen to a colorful journal and writing down all of the things I want to accomplish, what I am passionate about, and what makes me the happiest. It is great to dream big and write out your goals before creating your online representation, so that you can have a more focused view of yourself. Even try writing a list of your struggles and how/why you would want to share that with others.

Create Your Personal Mood Board

This is the fun part for the visual guys and gals out there! If you love Pinterest as much as I do, this will be an amazing exercise for you! Try to browse through Pinterest and create boards that represent different aesthetics. Think of searching up things that you love to do, favorite products, and colors, and start playing with the different aesthetics. I do that to this day, which is why my page keeps slightly evolving right along with me.

One of my Little Mood Boards (Mint Vibes)

For example, if you are inspired by the 1940s elegance, create a mood board that gets that message across. It is so entertaining to create a bunch of mood boards that embody different parts of your personality, so that you can find which one makes you feel the most inspired!

Be Consistent

Consistency is so important when looking to create a personal brand. Yes, we all have a billion sides to us and trust me when I say I am the most scatterbrained of all, but it is important to keep to some sort of schedule so your vision can come to life. Being consistent is much easier said than done and I definitely still struggle with this! But I’ve noticed when I make a content calendar and write everything out, I am way more successful and less stressed!

Consistency is also important to have across all platforms. Just because the username is the same, does not mean that people will easily recognize the content as being you! Take whatever aesthetic that you chose to represent yourself and bring it across all of your platforms. This is also really satisfying to look at when everything matches really nicely!

Branding and Marketing Yourself is Not Always Easy

Don't get discouraged if you feel like you have lost your way. I have felt like my inspiration and motivation disappears and it feels like it will never come back. Of course, it always came back and will for you too! Creating content through the stress to fit in or attract likes is never the answer to feeling fulfilled and being successful, so try and create content that is uniquely you! Get excited to show the world who you are and what you believe in! Create change, break boundaries, and put yourself out there because trust me, it pays off.

With Love,

April Ann :)


This is such great advice! It's easy to lose your way or get overwhelmed while creating.


Natalie Ford
Natalie Ford
Jan 18, 2021

This is amazing!! I am definitely going to try some of these tips to get my personal brand together.


Anjum Ali
Anjum Ali
Jan 18, 2021

I really enjoyed reading this sweetheart! I wish you so much happiness, love and prosperity..

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