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Maintaining Your Individuality in Fashion 

Trends Trends Trends!

Everyone is always talking about those gosh darn trends that we somehow have to have for this upcoming season! Trends are great and inevitable in the world of fashion, but it is so important to take those trends and put your own personal twist on them.

Don’t just wear what everyone else is wearing to fit in, but dress to stand out and convey the message you want to show the world. Playing with fashion and truly uncovering your personal style is a great way to not fall through the cracks and maintain your individuality! 

The guy in this pic makes me laugh :)

Fashion is obviously one of the best ways to express yourself and your unique personality!

Playing with color, pattern, texture, and material is the first step to diving into your personal style. Throughout history, a small set of trends would represent the look that everyone needed to recreate in order to fit into society like a puzzle piece. Today, you are commended for using your body as a canvas to show your individuality!

Conforming to trends and fitting into the basic box is sometimes all that a person may want, but I believe that it’s not only important, but super fun to express yourself in a way that makes you stand out. Conveying a message through your style is a great way to feel confident and be authentically yourself! 

Don't Fight What You Feel

I remember struggling when in High School to wear what I truly wanted to wear. I am sure everyone has felt that pressure to not step too far outside of the box due to fear of judgement. Yes, I do admit that I looked crazy sometimes, but it made me way happier to go all out and wear what made me feel the most like myself. I would much rather do that than put on the basic style that everyone else was sporting! 

Buy What Represents You!

Trends are so amazing because they are very representative of the current social climate. Whether it be the earth tone color trend that is representative of the change needed for the environment, or the heavy impact of athleisure due to the global pandemic, trends are everywhere and ever-changing.

Taking a trend that you see related to the social climate and making it your own is impactful for those that can connect, and of course for yourself. Feeling good about what you are wearing whether it be through supporting ethical businesses or just wearing fun colors that make you happy is all an important step to expressing your individuality. 

Make maintaining your personal style a priority and don’t be afraid to go all out with your wardrobe. In a world of striving to fit in, be that force that breaks the norm. Be the one that looks to thrift stores for unique pieces that call out to you! In a world of conformity, don’t doubt the power of personal expression and take the trends we know and love to the next level.

Look at a trend that inspires you and put your own spin on it with color and accessories to make it your own! Buy what you believe in and what makes you feel like your best self. You can elevate your look by learning to let go of the fear of judgement and let your personality shine through! 

With Love,

April Ann :)



Kimberly Nicola
Kimberly Nicola
Dec 16, 2020

Couldn’t have put this better Emily! I love how clothes can show a bit of your character and personality - not only that but when you wear an outfit that’s just ‘you’ it’s the most amazing feeling! A great point made about picking and choosing trends that fit you, and wearing what you feel and gravitate towards. I know now I don’t need to wear what’s on trend to fit in, wearing my style is fitting in with myself! 💜 thank you for this empowering post ☺️


This is so true! And sometimes trends that look so well on one person can just not look great on you. There can be a lot of pressure to copy everyone else. By sticking true to you + adding in only what makes you feel great, like you said, can make you stand out. And let your creative side shine. xo C |


Anjum Ali
Anjum Ali
Dec 14, 2020

For me fashion always means comfort that gives you confidence.. I don't like to force myself to try things that makes me or my body uncomfortable... Yes! I don't like wearing sleeveless dress and i am not comfortable with it and ofcourse it is not something to be ashamed of! I wear what gives me comfort, confidence and makes me feel beautiful!

Okay, Did I tell you that you are damn beautiful?


As someone who works in fashion I change my style every season - taking in trends, comfort and confidence ! Great post

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