Deconstructing Feminism in Fashion

Feminism. This has so many meanings to each and every individual. I follow the definition that feminism is pushing for equality of man and woman. I also believe that there are so many men and women that are looking to create change in order to see better futures and growth for women all over the world, but there is something hypocritical about being a feminist yet being a fast fashion consumer.

The harsh, unethical, and disturbing treatment of women in their own workplace is being funded by our consumer demand and complacency in our current lifestyle. It’s such a struggle for me to push for little victories in my life as a woman with rights, while knowing that I, and actual feminist activists are contributing to a society where women are treated like animals without thinking twice. It is time to deconstruct feminism in the fashion industry, so maybe it will push us all to start thinking about the rights of women from a different perspective.

Feminism is Not a Trend

One of my fashion professors sent us an article for class that had moved me. One section in particular made me truly think about the hypocrisy that is present within our nation and others about creating the positive change we all wish to see in the world. A blogger, Sarah Spellings, wrote an article entitled “What I learned When I Gave Up Fast Fashion” where she tells her story of cutting out fast fashion for a year, cold turkey! It's crazy to think about just cutting yourself off from your normal way of life and seeing how you do! In her story she said,