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Denim Trends Winter 2021

Denim, you’ve got to love her. This is the material that has taken the world by storm and has turned the fashion industry on its head!

Denim has seemingly always been a staple to have in your closet, but if you are getting bored by plain and basic jeans you are not alone. The basic jean has been altered and worn in just about a billion different ways that excite the denim loving fashionista.

For this winter, the basic jeans took a unique turn that emulates that of past eras with new and exciting touches. Keep on reading to check out the Denim Trends for Winter 2021. Remember that these trends can be achieved in a sustainable way, so let's try to be the best conscious consumers we can be!

Split Hem 

Split hem jeans are an absolute blessing for all of those shoe hoarders out there (guilty). Finally, a pair of boot-cut or flare jeans that don’t hide your favorite boots! These are super trendy right now and add such a slight, but unique twist on the basic jean. Instead of heavy rips, we are heading in the direction of tailored splits and the world is here for it! 

Cargo Pockets 

No more pockets that don’t even open! Finally, the fashion industry realizes that jeans should be trendy and actually serve a purpose. Finding the perfect pair of slouchy jeans with big cargo pockets is not only cool and on trend, but perfect for those who love to stuff everything they own in their pockets. You can pair these with a feminine and form-fitting top and heels or dress it down with combat boots and an oversized sweater for the perfect grunge moment. Once you try this trend, you will never go back! 

The Bigger the Better 

We can all see that the oversized jean trend is immensely popular, but it’s time to think even bigger! We all know way too well going into the store and trying on jeans that fit perfectly everywhere except they leave that giant gap by your back. Well, that gap that we all hated is one of the biggest trends in denim for this year. If you actually want to keep your pants up this winter, slip the button through the belt loop to cinch in the waist while still maintaining the fullness all down the leg. This is the perfect trend to thrift this winter! Click here to see the Best Trends to Look for When Thrifting. 

Light Wash 

The super light wash for jeans gives off a really casual vibe which embodies the style of 2020. A pair of light wash Levi’s may be the perfect addition to your collection for this winter. Although lighter colors in the colder months are not always expected, pairing them with chocolate browns and beiges will add some depth back into your look.


This trend is for those that are not afraid to have a little more fun and personality in their pieces! Adding simple iron-on patches to the back pockets can be super chic as well as give a personal touch to your look. If you are looking for a fun quarantine craft to help repurpose your old denim, patch them up and give your pieces new life! 

Denim will never be leaving the fashion world, but it is important to remember the environmental impact it has in our world. Achieving these new denim trends in a sustainable way through thrifting and repurposing is the best route to take for the sake of our beautiful planet. Take a risk and take on a craft that can totally elevate your look while still being a conscious consumer! 

With Love,

April Ann :)



Jeans are totally a constant for my wardrobe! Is it true you can recycle them?? Feel like I have more than one that are finally worn out.


Kimberly Nicola
Kimberly Nicola
Jan 13, 2021

I loved this so much!!! I am definitely an avid fan of the spilt hem 😁 I try my best to purchase jeans that are sustainable even they’re more expensive as they last so much longer and you get your money’s worth! If not I love to go on Depop 💗 I didn’t know about the cargo pockets but I really like it! 😊

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