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Best Trends to Look for When Thrifting - Winter 2020/2021

Thrifting is the new hot trend to find old and used trends! (yes! but not exactly)

It's time to find unique and beautiful pieces that obviously can stand the test of time. Who says old can't be fabulous!

In this crazy world of fast-fashion, it is up to us to make a difference and cut back on our unnecessary consumption. Thrifting is the most sustainable way to shop and you can find some amazing pieces! 

Trust me, I was super intimidated by thrifting at first, so I get how overwhelming it can be! Below I outlined some of the hottest trends to look for when shuffling through the endless racks! 

It’s time to take something old and make it fabulous!

1.  The Grandpa Sweater Vest 

The oversized sweater vest is the perfect piece to layer over a classic fall or winter look! Don’t be afraid of crazy colors and patterns, because when layered over a crisp white button down, it can be the fabulous statement piece that elevates your look! For a more sophisticated style, try incorporating more neutral tones. 

2. Oversized Jeans 

The SUPER oversized jean trend is absolutely perfect for thrifting! With the new technique of buttoning jeans through the belt loop instead of the buttonhole, you can take a baggy pair of jeans that fall off of your waist into a super vintage and snatched look! 

3. The Blazer 

This trend has been taking fashion by storm recently, especially when paired with a soft and feminine top underneath. From simple and minimalist, to quirky and loud, you can always find a blazer or suit jacket that can fit your style. If it’s way too big, just roll up the sleeves and wear a form fitting top to still show your shape! 

4. Silk Scarves

These accessories are perfect to add some personality and a vintage flair to your look. You can be cute and elegant by tying them in your hair or add some edge by tying it around your chest as a cute crop! The possibilities are endless with this accessory so have fun with it and try something new! 

5. Color Trend - Beiges and Browns 

The neutral tones of beige and brown paired together are perfect for this fall and winter! It is super easy to spot colors in these tones in the thrift store and even easier to throw them all together into one look. The monochromatic trend has been taking over the streets, so snatch up some neutral toned pieces and throw them all together into one look for a classy and sophisticated style!

Before heading straight to the mall, go to your local thrift shop and see what you can find. Just by making this simple change, you can be a part of the conscious-consumer community and make a difference in the environment. Get creative and have fun letting your inner stylist out in the open! Happy thrifting! 

With Love,

April Ann :)

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