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The Morning Commute Series

Hey guys! I feel like it’s been forever since I just sat down and wrote to you all! A LOT has occurred in my life since we last met screen to screen. I am currently sitting on the 7:29 morning train to NYC for my new position working in the fashion industry! I always believed in myself, but I never thought that my dream job would come so fast, and for that I am forever grateful.

My life is about to change, or already has begun to change and I am HERE for it! New experiences, new sights, and new people are just about everywhere I look, so I am 1 billion percent ready to take it head on and of course bring you guys along for the ride!

This new series is called the morning commute! If you can picture it, that is exactly where I am while writing this right now! I am on the bustling bumpy train trying to balance my laptop from falling off my knees. Instead of doing some mind numbing staring out of the window, I am committing myself to being engaged to you all for the 43-minute trip. For the past weeks of in and out commuting, I have done quite a lot of thinking and I can’t wait to just let my thoughts fall onto the page!

Get inside my head on those groggy yet exciting mornings and experience my life day in and day out. I guess you could call it a diary, or I guess you could call it my morning commute.

Stay tuned for regular content from your favorite working gal!

With Love,

April Ann

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