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5 of My Favorite Ethiclal/Charitable Online Shops: Support Those who Support Others

Updated: May 29, 2020

During this time of uncertainty and stress, we as consumers are trying to save up some money, conserve our resources, and avoid outdoor shopping trips at all costs. However, I am sure we have all gotten the online shopping bug that helps us pass the time and buy more stuff that we don’t need for our pure enjoyment. Because this period is so crucial for a lot of businesses, putting your dollar into a worthy cause while still getting your cute but unnecessary item is the best of both worlds!

There are so many brands that are offering amazing sales and do amazing things for the planet and/or human rights. Instead of buying those Fabletics leggings that are constantly advertised every time you open your phone, try out these online shops that are cute, affordable, and ethical of course!

The Ripple Company

The Ripple Company sells adorable styles of clothing, jewelry, and Accessories that are making a huge difference in the world. A huge 50% of their profits go towards combating the evil of human trafficking in the United States and around the world. They are partner with organizations that are inline with their beliefs and will help them achieve the goal of donating “1 million dollars to free people across the world from modern forms of slavery.” There is a beautifully handcrafted item for just about every style on the site, so please go and check them out!

I am in love with the Freedom Bracelets because they are handmade and customized with whatever stones that you choose! The very best part is that every 10 bracelets sold saves one victim from human trafficking! Now that's what I call smart shopping for a cause!

Jcoco Chocolate

Yummmyyy! I don’t know if it’s just me, but being stuck inside makes my sweet tooth cravings even stronger! Instead of going out into the great unknown, stay inside and order your sweets online! Jcoco is an amazing brand that has delicious chocolate bars, truffles, and all of that chocolaty goodness that we crave. Each purchase helps not only satisfy your guilty pleasure, but it helps feed a family in need through food banks in the United States. I think it is amazing to help those in need all around the world, but to be able to give back to people possibly in your own community is all the more rewarding.

They have donated about 4 million servings already and are looking to give even more! The flavors look amazing and the prices are reasonable for this amazing cause! So go ahead and browse the next time you are looking to take the feeling guilty out of your guilty pleasure.

Krochet Kids

This site is an amazing shop if you are looking to buy affordable items that truly make an impact. There is amazing variety on the site which makes it easy to find something that you like! The goal of the company is to empower the worker who created your specific garment, break the cycle of their poverty, and let you connect with the individual who created your garment on a personal level. Each garment is signed by the person who crafted it, so once it is received you can visit their page on the website and connect with them and their story. This is a beautiful way to not only give back with your money, but break the barrier by putting a face to your purchase.

It is important to remember that behind every material item that we own, there is a real person with needs and rights that is struggling to get by. Krochet Kids aims to change the system and allow these workers to feel empowered as well as gain a living wage.

PI Yoga (Paradise Island)

This brand is focused on selling men and women’s comfort and yoga apparel. The site was created by a strong woman looking for an outlet to empower those around her.

The yoga pants are beautifully designed and crafted in Bali by women in support of their empowerment. I absolutely love the light and effortless design along with the fun and vibrant patterns. 10% of the profits are donated to sea turtle conservation which makes this brand a great choice when looking for a company with ethical and sustainable morals.

The Give Together Collection

I have been following this brand for quite some time and I am a huge fan of their efforts to make a difference. At least 50% of the profits from each purchase is donated to a cause that is related to the specific design on the shirt or item. This is a large amount to give which is amazing of them as a company to do for others. There are causes that support helping others as well as the environment, which is why they are a great one stop shop for your charitable giving.

I love the quality of the Tee Shirt as well as the Tote Bag! The bags make great reusable shopping bags because they can withstand a good amount of weight and have an added inside pocket feature for smaller items! Items are made with organic cotton and they even have plastic free packaging! This is an amazing online shop that seems to really care about their customers and the community that they form. I highly recommend checking them out!

Try turning your mindless shopping into meaningful shopping so that you can help others in need! During this time of uncertainty it is important to remember that everyone is struggling together, and helping others wherever you can is greatly appreciated by companies and charities alike. Don't throw your money away into a company that wouldn't support you in your time of need, but financially help the companies that will make a difference in local communities and environments.

Find local businesses that are helping out during the pandemic with equipment and supplies, and support them wherever you can! In times of crisis, it is easy to see who has the best interest of its customers in mind, so help aid them in their growth in the future! Let your purchases be the change that can truly make the world a better place for everyone.

With Love,

April Ann :)


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