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Organic Beauty Brands at The Drugstore?! It's About Time!

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Clean and Organic makeup products have always sadly been slightly more expensive than the synthetic and “unclean” competitors. The drugstore is where us makeup lovers can go to get doups of our favorite brands for less, but when it comes to clean beauty, that option went out the window. The drugstore products were always on my dirty list because brands were not making conscious efforts to change… Until NOW! Below are some drugstore brands and Collections that are killin’ the clean makeup game!

Finally, some more affordable brands are slowly releasing products that are cleaner while also being effective at the same time! Although we have a very long way to go with the drugstore makeup industry, we are getting closer to a world where clean beauty is financially attainable.

The Demand 

The clean beauty community has been waiting not so patiently for the drugstore brands to catch on and create healthier product assortments. This demand for organic and sustainably sourced ingredients has created a space for new and more ethical drugstore brands to come out of the woodwork and into the major stores. The demand is there and the demand is high! When the consumer demand shifts, the companies have nothing left to do but listen! For more information on the power of consumer demand in the industry Click Here!

False Advertising

I always approach drugstore versions of clean beauty with caution because it always seems to disappoint me. Time and time again, brands use the words “healthy”, “Clean”, and “Fresh” to make us think that a product is clean from an ingredient standpoint, but it never is. They can get away with this tactic because it may give you a fresh-faced look or a healthy glow without actually being fresh or healthy. Keep a lookout for those trigger words on packaging and promotion so you don’t get sucked in. We know better than that! 


Physicians Formula Organic Wear Collection

I am blown away by this collection from an ingredient and performance perspective. The use of effective organic ingredients gives these products such an amazing approval rating on the clean beauty scale. Potential toxins are almost fully eliminated in this line which makes for an amazing affordable alternative. 

Must Haves from the Line:

Organic Wear Silk Foundation Elixir

This light coverage foundation blends in effortlessly with your skin to create the ultimate dewy face. The product offers buildable coverage meant to replicate the look of real skin and avoid a cakey appearance. Many products layer beautifully on top while avoiding the feeling of heavy makeup. I highly recommend this product for those looking for a foundation that is your skin, but better! 

Organic Wear Sculpting Bronzer

This cream bronzer stick gives the most beautiful glow while still remaining more natural in effect. This product is great for those that love the freedom to build up their coverage to achieve whatever effect that they choose. The bronzer is versatile and easy to use, which makes it perfect for those just starting out with cream products. 

Burt’s Bees

This brand has always been around, but without the hype that it deserves. Their lip products have always been in the spotlight, but they are dabbling in the makeup realm as well! Their products are Made in the USA with sustainably sourced ingredients! They check off all of the boxes for ethics, which is a huge plus for the clean beauty lovers. 

Must Haves from the Brand: 

Lip Oil 

This product feels luxurious because it gives the lips the look of a gloss with the moisture of a balm. The lip oil trend has gained traction over this year and is hopefully here to stay! This is not only a more effective way to hydrate cracked lips, but it can elevate your look by adding a touch of glam and shine! 

Mattifying Powder

This product will get rid of just about every ounce of shine on your problem areas. If you are looking for a truly matte setting powder, this is the one for you! Your makeup should stay in place all day with this organic pressed powder. 

Honest Beauty 

This has been the gateway brand for me and my clean beauty journey! Jessica Alba created the brand as a way to offer more affordable clean products to the public. The products are priced on the higher end of drugstore standards, but well worth it in quality pay-off. The quality is nothing short of luxury performance all while meeting extensive clean beauty standards. This brand goes above and beyond with their formulations and is growing day by day. Definitely check them out at Target!

Must Have from the Brand:

Cream Blush 

This is the best cream blush I have used to date! The texture and finish are beautiful for that everyday glow, yet buildable enough for a night out. The product is made to be versatile and can be used as a cream eyeshadow, lip color, and blush. I use the colors as eyeliner for a fun pop of color, or use it in all of its functions for a monochromatic look. Applied with a fluffy brush gives the easiest application. 


This brand is cleaner than most and really working on getting the best formulations for their customers. The quality of ingredients is quite high which means that they tend to cut back on extravagant packaging to meet costs. The products are effective and can offer more full glam looks instead of natural finishes. 

Must Have from the Brand:

Alight Full Coverage Foundation 

This foundation is FULL coverage! With one of the most full-coverage applications I have seen in the clean beauty world, I highly recommend you check it out! If you want the clean ingredients without sacrificing the glam, this is the product for you. The foundation has a matte finish, but can be applied with a facial oil or illuminator to add some glow. The foundation should last all day and is a great affordable option. 

The drugstore has really stepped up its game in the clean beauty world and will hopefully continue further down this path. Ingredients that are sourced correctly normally come with a higher price tag, but if you are looking for a way to dip your toes into the clean community these products are a great way to start. From simply trying the Honest Beauty Blushes, my entire lifestyle began to change and evolve into that of a conscious consumer and responsible shopper. If the product works just the same and at a similar price point to your products at home, what do you have to lose? Take a chance and maybe you will embrace the beauty of clean beauty! 

With Love,

April Ann :)


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