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Honestly pHresh: My Must Have Clean Deodorants!

Sponsored: All opinions are 100% my own always!

In the clean and ethical beauty worlds, there is always talk about why it's so important to use organic and ethically made deodorants without all of the potentially harmful ingredients, but finding one that actually works seemed next to impossible... until now! I am so grateful that I was able to connect with Honestly pHresh so I can share with you their amazing and most importantly, effective deodorant products! If you are looking for effective, natural, and clean deodorant products that won't break the bank, this is the brand you NEED to check out!

Now, lets see how they stack up on the conscious consumer charts!

Behind the Brand

The brand truly focuses on ethically creating the best products for all of the consumers' deodorant needs while maintaining the body's natural pH!

Stats taken from the Honestly pHresh website :)

✓ Baking Soda-Free & Aluminum Free (No Irritation!)

✓ All-Natural Ingredients Powered by Essential Minerals

✓Superior Formulation for 24-Hour Odor Protection

✓ Made in the USA

✓ Cruelty-Free & Vegan

I love to see a brand that is ethically made in the USA and takes their product sourcing seriously. The ethics of a brand are not always the easiest to find, but having the peace of mind that your dollar is supporting ethically treated workers is a major plus! Another major win is their cruelty-free status of course!

The company has a great awareness for the ingredients that may case irritation on the skin and could be potentially harmful after long-term use, so they consciously created their natural deodorants "for men and women are always free from: aluminum, parabens, pthlataes, glycol, gluten, GMOs, artificial color, synthetic fragrance, and baking soda."

I was lucky enough to be sent two amazing products from the brand that have stolen my heart! Here's how they stack up!

Ok, now onto the products...

Prebiotic Deodorant Stick

Sugar Mint

This product has become my new favorite deodorant stick on the market because of the way that it doesn't feel much different than what we are used to wearing in the store, yet it is better for us! It applies beautifully and reacts to your body heat for the perfect application! I have seen no staining or clumping throughout the day which is definitely something to take into consideration. The Sugar Mint scent is fresh and bright which is almost energizing in the mornings!


I love that the packaging is simple and similar to a normal deodorant stick that we are used to! The deodorant stick packaging is made form 40% post recycled plastic which is a major stride to becoming a more sustainable and environmentally conscious company!

Overall, this product is a win for all of the conscious consumer out there looking to try a natural deodorant product that gets the job done right! This is honestly one of the best formulas I have tried in a stick, so I hope you all check it out!

Coupon Code: APRILANN20

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Pre-Probiotic Deodorant Spray

Frangipani & Monoi

The concept of this deodorant spray is everything a girl or guy on the go has dreamed of! The ability to spray yourself down anywhere, yes anywhere, externally on the body is the best for those that may need a little extra freshness during the day or even after a workout! The product claims to offer full deodorant coverage and I can attest to that. This 2oz bottle is the product that I never knew I needed and now can't live without.

The scent takes me to a tropical vacation with it's beautiful sweet smelling gardenia and plumeria.

This will be perfect to take when travelling or just enjoying those hot summer days. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to ensure freshness all day long all over their body in a safe and clean way!


The packaging is simply a glass bottle which is great for re-use after finishing out the product. The spray bottle cap can also be re-purposed in an endless amount of ways around the house so that less waste will be created!

A deodorant spray is a great concept that I have now incorporated into my daily routine as a mid-day refresher because it gives me that extra boost of confidence that I will be smelling fresh all day! The unique and beautiful scent handcrafted in Hawaii has me hooked, so I can't wait to get my hands on the the others as well!

Final Thoughts

Simply put, I truly love the Honestly pHresh products and they have earned a place into my daily routine. I love knowing that the products I put on my skin are going to be healthy options for me and my body, so this brand is a great choice for anyone who feels the same way. Looking to change your deodorant to something cleaner does not have to be a compromise, so maybe it's your turn to give this brand a try!

With Love,

April Ann :)

Coupon Code: APRILANN20

Use the coupon code above to save on your purchase!

Honestly pHresh Website:

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