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Fragrance Fave! The Zen Fragrances you NEED: Sholayered Review

Finding the perfect scent is never an easy task. I absolutely love the idea of having a consistent scent, yet if you are anything like me, I want to have a signature and also change it up all at the same time. Finally, you can have both by using the Sholayered fragrances! Sholayered by Shofragrance has saved the day with their layered fragrance line that is meant to be mixed and matched depending on the vibe of the day. Super cool right?

This Japanese line created in Tokyo has a “unique focus on fostering tranquility and simplicity through the art of scent.” These beautiful and simplistic scents are meant to truly enhance your mood and mindset for the day ahead.

Sholayered has my Living Clean stamp of approval as they produce with clean ingredients as well as manufacture sustainably in order to create their relaxing scents.

"By creating mixtures of simple fragrance notes, we encourage you to express yourself and embrace each individual layer for its unique beauty and calm moment.

Go ahead, layer it on."

- Sholayered Website

You have the ability to create your own signature scent by using the combinations shown on the website, or by creating your very own combination! I like that I can always keep one element of my combo the same while mixing in the other options throughout the week.

I have absolutely loved the brand so far, their sustainable packaging, and beautifully simple scents! The travel-sized glass bottle is a minimalist's dream as it is small enough to reduce excess waste and exudes the feeling of simplicity and elegance.

The fragrance is applied by a spray top which creates a beautiful mist to apply all over the body. The layered scents I had the pleasure to try are marketed as a body spray yet neither of the scents I've tried are overwhelming. If you are super picky with your fragrance selections, this brand is a great way to personalize the experience and ensure that you will receive a scent that you love! The worlds of conscious consumerism and simplistic fragrances have finally collided!

An aspect of the brand that I find truly helpful, is their straight and direct scent names. What you see is what you get with these scents, so there is no need for the frustrating guessing game when purchasing fragrance online!

I received three of their lovely scents in the mail

  • Orange Blossom

  • Lemon Peel

  • Fresh Pear

Instantly, I fell in LOVE with the Orange Blossom scent as citrus fruits are some of my favorites to smell and eat! It is an energizing scent that works very well with Lemon Peel for a punch of energy in your fragrance. If you adore citrus, this is the one for you! The Fresh Pear scent is one of the more unique scents I have ever tried, but I absolutely love how light and truly fresh it smells. Once again, the scents are exactly what the name describes but diluted into a light and gentle scent, so you know exactly what you are buying.

The site also offers other scents such as:

  • Sugar Lychee

  • Olive Vodka

  • Hibiscus

  • Mysterious Mix

  • Champagne

  • White Musk

To see a full description of which scents may fit you the best, CLICK HERE

Sugar Lychee is next on my list to add to my collection and expand my combinations!

Sholayered of course doesn’t leave you hanging if you are not up for creating a scent by yourself, so here are some of their best scent combinations!

Scents of Zen

- Lemon Peel + Mysterious Mix

Scents of Creativity

- Fresh Pear + Sugar Lychee

Scents of Focus

- Orange Blossom + Olive Vodka

The attention to the way that the scent will connect with your body is such a pleasant addition to the experience as you will be able to choose your combination based on the way you would like to feel.

I have nothing but amazing reviews for the company and their beautiful scents that embrace the essence of fragrance simplicity. For all of you conscious consumers, this brand is one you shouldn’t miss on your search for finding the perfect perfume! If you decide to check them out, don’t forget to tell me your favorite combinations!

With Love,

April Ann

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Kimberly Nicola
Kimberly Nicola
29 déc. 2020

This brand sounds amazing!!! I didn’t expect them to be made in Japan 😱 I love Japan so much since I was 12 and the values of this brand really speak to me 😄 I agree that I love to have a signature scent but I do change it up to fit my vibe/ mood! This is a really cool concept they have where you can layer to create something unique but also wear them on their own. I’m really glad you introduced this brand to me ☺️ Great post! ❤️

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