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My Morning Routine For Glowing Skin

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Good Morning!!!!

Rise and shine because it is time to get your day started and boost up that productivity! The best morning routine for glowing skin includes healthy breakfast recipes and the best non-toxic skincare products! The way that you spend your morning and get ready for the day can have a huge impact on the success of your daily activities, energy, and outlook. Your morning skincare routine is almost more important than your night time routine because it is all about protecting your skin and preventing unnecessary damage from occurring in the first place.

Below is my newly perfected clean skincare routine for the morning and some other tips and tricks to help energize your day! The last thing that you want is to start your day off on a sour note, so keep on reading to find out how to perfect your morning skincare and self love routine!

Drink an Entire Glass of Ice Water

Immediately after I wake up I trudge my way into the kitchen and drink an entire glass of ice water. I know this seems a little odd, but it instantly wakes up my body. You do not want to shock your system by chugging or gulping it down, but taking a few minutes to have a nice glass of water can really pay off. I do not drink coffee or tea, so I am trained to wake up solely on water in the morning (no caffeine needed).

There are many benefits to drinking water before anything else because it wakes up your system from its fasting period and gets your body functioning at a faster rate. Water is amazing for the appearance of your skin and can really contribute to a fresh healthy glow. I have been doing this every single morning for years and absolutely love it!

Morning Skincare Routine

When you have a more dry skin type, skipping the morning cleanse is a good idea. I want to avoid stripping my skin from its natural oils and just apply water to my face in the mornings. However, the night time double cleanse is absolutely necessary or else your skin will suffer the unfortunate consequences.

CocoKind Pore Refining Concentrate

I first go in with my CocoKind Pore Refining Concentrate. This serum is a part of the CocoKind Celery Duo which has been working wonders for my skin. If you have larger pores in your T-zone or uneven texture, this product is an amazing natural and clean option. The serum blurs the appearance of large pores and allows for a beautiful base underneath makeup. This product is a MUST in a routine where you want to decrease the appearance of your pores or reduce fine lines over time.

CocoKind Texture Resurfacing Cream

Once the Concentrate has dried fully, I apply the CocoKind Texture Resurfacing Cream. This cream has a silky smooth texture and leaves my skin feeling flawless. The cream has moisturizing properties as well as nourishing qualities to smooth over fine lines and reduce texture. This calms down my redress in the mornings and allows for an added layer of moisture which is amazing!

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

I like to follow up with my favorite moisturizer in order to seal in all of the amazing ingredients that were previously applied. This cream is great for people who have dry skin as it is a thicker consistency. This product contains ceramides and niacinamide which will help protect and build up the skin’s natural barrier. CeraVe is an amazing brand for not just improving the appearance of skin, but the overall skin health as well.


The last step in my skincare routine is the MOST important step! Sunscreen is essential in any skincare routine for the day because the main source of skin damage comes directly from the Sun. The UV rays from tanning directly outside or even sitting by a window are slowly aging your skin overtime. I have had experiences where it feels like the sun helped my skin in the short term, but in reality it is causing damage that will not show up until later in life.

Protecting your skin from the sun obviously has health benefits such as protection against possible skin cancers, but it also prevents the premature aging that we all want to avoid. An SPF of at least 30 should be applied everyday if you truly want to protect yourself from the risks.

FNX Powder Smoothie

After my skincare routine, I make my breakfast smoothie! If I do not make a smoothie, I opt for yogurt with peanut butter granola. The smoothie normally contains whatever fruits or vegetables that I can find in the house along with my new favorite supplement powder!

The FNX Rebalance Super Greens Powder is a great way to gain the nutrients that you would normally miss out on during your day! The Super Greens Supplement is great if you're looking to start your day with detoxifying ingredients, probiotics, and antioxidents to support healthy energy production!

They offer a wide range of supplement powders for protein, healing after a workout, and even for aiding in sleep! I am not the best when it comes to the amount of healthy greens I incorporate into my daily meals, so the FNX powder is an amazing way to get energized and feel my best.

It is really refreshing when I find a company that is ethical as well as effective, so I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to purchase. The company ethically sources their ingredients and is made in the USA! I highly recommend that you check out their website and see what might be the perfect fit for you!

If you want 15% OFF on any of the products on the site use my code!

Discount Code: FNXLJuS

I make a small commission off of the purchases made through my code and would love your support. I live by my belief that transparency is key and only recommend products that I truly believe are worth the purchase through personal experiences. I will only work with brands that fit my standards of quality and ethics in order to remain a reliable source for you all! :)

Daily Planner

The last step in my morning routine is planning out my day in my time stamped calendar. If you want to hear more about a planner that I love for this, check out my article on ways to Increase Motivation and Improve Daily Productivity.

A morning routine is very personal and is a great way to give yourself some extra love before interacting with the stressors of the day. Every step in the routine can be customized in order to work seamlessly with your own likes and dislikes. Everyone is different, but taking the time to spend with yourself in the morning is a great way to prepare for the day ahead and be the best version of yourself each and every day!

With Love,

April Ann


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