Feeling Sluggish? My 6 Ways to Stay Motivated and Increase Productivity

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Now that we are all home, it feels like we have all the time in the world yet no time at all! The lack of motivation in this new environment has been taking a toll on my productivity and desire for success. It is so easy to fall back onto the couch with the goal of procrastinating school work and other frustrating obligations. Now is the time to change that mindset and push through the last few weeks of school so that life can feel that much more enjoyable again!

Think of the things that you have always wanted to achieve. Imagine your life in a place where you feel proud of yourself each and every day. My biggest struggle is dealing with procrastination and fighting the urge to get distracted. If you are one with a lot of thoughts always swirling around in your mind, these tips may be a great way to help squash the procrastination bug and quickly achieve your quarantine goals.

1. Make a Time-Stamp List

A time-stamp list is an easy way to force yourself to stay on track. These small time increments are a great way to give yourself very attainable goals. I like to try and mark out an hour block for each activity to keep the scatterbrained side of me happy! I like to jump from one task to the next, so by starting my day with an organized time list the task doesn’t seem so long and daunting. If you look forward to your workout or favorite TV show during the day, try to scatter those blocks of time in between your work so that you have something to look forward to.