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Thoughtful DIY Christmas Gifts

The best gifts are the ones that come from the heart. If you’re looking to give someone a meaningful gift this holiday without breaking the bank, here are some of my favorite DIY projects that are sure to make someone smile. Oh, and you’ll have fun making them too!

Map Canvas Painting

Know someone who’s feeling a little homesick, just graduated college, or moved out of state? A map of a place that’s meaningful to them is a thoughtful gift that’s also fun to make!

Choose any sized canvas. You can find great, affordable options at Target or Dollar Tree. Print out a picture of a state or country. Cut it out, and trace on the canvas. Paint around the map in any color of your choice, and then trace over the map using black paint or a marker. Find the location, and mark it with a heart!

I made this one for my sister (April Ann) last Christmas after she had just returned from studying abroad in Florence!

Hand Painted Frame

A framed photo of yourself and your giftee always makes for a great gift, but why not make it more personal by painting the frame yourself!

You can find paintable wooden frames at Micheal's or Hobby Lobby in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose colors that match their bedroom or apartment, and get creative! If you need some inspiration, there are tons of stencils and tutorials available online. You can also purchase letter stickers to write a sweet quote, date the picture was taken, your names, etc.

Holiday or Winter Wreath

Heading to a holiday party and need something to bring the host? Know someone who just moved into a new home? If you’re feeling really crafty, you can try making a home-made wreath that they can hang for the season. I used to be so intimidated by wreath making, but it really is much easier than it looks. All you need is a hot glue gun and a little creativity!

Check out Hobby Lobby or Dollar Tree for affordable wreath forms like grapevine, wire, or foam. Then you’ll need decorations! For winter or holiday wreaths, I like to use things like ornaments, plaid/buffalo check ribbon, holly berries, evergreen pieces, and pine cones. You can personalize your wreath with the first letter of the person’s last name, or a sign with their favorite saying. I recommend making the wreath less “Christmas-y” so they can keep it up past the holiday.

Merry Christmas, and happy crafting!

With love,




I wish I had time to do these - they all sound so great


Kimberly Nicola
Kimberly Nicola
Dec 16, 2020

I love this! You’ve got me feeling inspired, I used to be broke and make handmade gifts back in the day hehe. I think I’m going to do the picture frame DIY for a loved one ☺️ I’m really loving the posts you’re putting out Sabrina - please pleaseeee keep putting more out!! 😄❤️

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