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Go Cruelty Free: My Top 5 Cruelty Free Beauty Brands

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

When looking into buying a product, what do you normally look for? Do you look past the claims for satisfaction and end results? We as consumers are not as informed about production processes that are burning, killing, and torturing animals just so we can achieve that perfect matte lip shade for fall.

Testing on animals in the beauty industry still exists and in mass amounts. It’s time to read those labels and do the research before making the purchase. You can be a part of the movement and save a helpless animal that is being tortured for vanity of mankind. According to “Care2 Causes” animal testing has more issues than just being cruel. It actually is proven less effective than many other methods of testing because of the differences in anatomy between the animal and the human. In short, companies are not required in the U.S. to test on animals so why do it?

Watch Out! - Some brands claim to be cruelty free, yet they sell their products in China. The Chinese government requires testing on animals in order for that specific beauty product to be sold there. Therefore, any beauty or cosmetic company that sells their products in China tests on animals. (Example M.A.C)

Below are my top 5 best cruelty free beauty brands

1. Pacifica Beauty - 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free

Pacifica Beauty is my top choice for cruelty free and vegan products because of the consistent quality in product and packaging, beautiful scents, and affordable price tag. With a product range of makeup, skincare, haircare, nails, perfume and more, Pacifica Beauty is a one stop shop for all of your beauty needs.

2. Shea Moisture - Cruelty Free, Organic, Fair Trade, Eco-Friendly, Ethically Sourced

This brand stands out as being reliable both ethically and in product performance with its specialized product lines designed specifically for every hair type from kinky curls to sleek and straight. With my crazy curls, I have never had a bad hair day with Shea Moisture in my arsenal.

3. Fenty Beauty - Cruelty Free, Mostly Vegan

Fenty Beauty is revolutionizing the beauty industry in regards to inclusivity in vanity. The brand offers one of the widest ranges of foundation shades on the market and connects to the mass majority of beauty enthusiasts. With basic and fashion colors specifically created by Rihanna, the brand flourishes with creative vibes and a positive attitude. They are mostly vegan because the only animal products that are used are beeswax and carmine in a small range of products. Overall, the quality is nothing but amazing, so why not support this brand and its beautiful message?

4. The Body Shop - Cruelty Free, Partially Vegan

The Body Shop is a brand that uses their platform to inform their audience of the harmful effects of animal testing. They have a strong stance on this cause and are always looking to gain support to outlaw the cruelty. Their large range of beautiful and soothing scents along with creamy textures creates a personal oasis in one’s own home. Their product assortment is greater than just the popular body butters and extends past skincare into makeup and accessories. Choosing to shop The Body Shop over a slightly cheaper alternative could make all the difference in the movement towards cruelty free! Lush is also a similar alternative to The Body Shop. See How Lush is Changing the Game in the Beauty Industry.

5. Milani Cosmetics - Cruelty Free, Partially Vegan

Milani Cosmetics is a surprisingly underrated brand amongst millennials. Their “Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation” is my all time favorite for a full coverage and flawless makeup look. Hearing that they were cruelty free was a surprise, so I thought it would be valuable to mention. The brand supports the cruelty free message while maintaining a higher end drug store makeup status. This brand has never failed to impress me in quality and length of wear, so hearing their stance on this important cause has me sold.

Going cruelty free is a difficult adjustment. You will learn much more about the brands that you have always followed and loved. It hurt me to discover that brands that I have trusted for years do not follow the ideology that I wish to pursue. Maybe your favorite lip shade is hiding cruelty behind the bottle. Will you take the chance to find out?

With tons of love,

April Ann :)


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