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A Push for Change in Beauty: Lush and its Global Influence on the Industry

Updated: Jun 1

Shop Lush!

I am sure we all know and love Lush for its beautifully quirky bath bombs, its entertaining demos, and enticing scents. Lush is much more than just another skin and hair care brand. They are a global trendsetter for ethical and sustainable products that not only look and smell delectable, but are the necessary steps to be taken in the right direction for the beauty industry.

Products that perform well on the body and society as a whole are the products that will bring a business to greater success and growth. Consumers are starting to ask the question of, “what is my purchase actually doing?” The over-saturation of products in the beauty market pushes for companies to find their competitive advantage or niche for greater sell through.

Why Lush?

The Charity Pot Project

Are your hands and body feeling a little dry and lack-luster? No need to fear because Lush has recently dropped their new Charity Pots which not only moisturize to the maximum, but they give back to communities and associations in need. What charities need the most help? Small start-up charities and organizations sometimes cannot get the correct funding to grow and give back to their worthy cause. 100% of the money spent on the purchase of a Charity Pot excluding tax goes to a pool of money that will be evenly divided amongst over 500 charities! In my opinion, this sounds like a no brainer when looking for that new staple moisturizer to have on call. When a company uses their monetary influence and power for a worthy cause it builds their credibility and their obvious positive influence on the market and the world. The charities range from environmental conservation and plastic reduction to supplying education for orphan children.

You can access all of the charity partners from the link listed:

Recycled Pots Plan

The Recycled Pots plan is an amazing service that is provided by all of the stores in the company. Lush had partnered up with the Ocean Legacy non-profit in order to explore the possibility of reusing their product pots for the reduction of plastic emissions into the environment. When you have finished your favorite Lush product, you can bring back your pot to be recycled into new product instead of having it sit in a landfill. There are certain benefits that Lush provides when a certain number of pots is returned to the store which provides the necessary incentive for consumers today to take the extra step. The pots are then melted down and recycled into either new pots or shopping baskets. Is there a need to produce more plastic in this world when we have such large amounts right in front of us? It is time to join the initiative to reuse non-biodegradable plastics in the industry.

Natural Ingredients Initiative

Why would you want to put something on your face or body that you know nothing about and probably cannot even pronounce. The increased use of natural ingredients in the US is a positive step towards global naturalization. Their natural based products are healthy for the skin, actually work, and are less destructive to the environment. Natural products are great for your body and most likely if it has had a life, it is better for you than a substance that has never lived a day in the sun.

Other reasons to shop Lush:

Cruelty Free Product Selection

Knowledgeable Employees

Products with Real Results

Colorful and Welcoming Aesthetic

The steps towards plastic reduction are slowly being taken to create a cleaner healthier environment. The results will not be seen overnight, but with small actions we can make big changes for the environment and all who inhabit it. Skimp out on your Bath and Body Works lotion for one that can give back to causes and communities looking for help and support.

With lots of love,

April Ann :)


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