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Why You Should Never Use Makeup Wipes

Do you know the negative effects that makeup wipes can have on your skin? I know we all love your makeup wipes for a quick and easy makeup removal before bed, but let’s get this clear; makeup wipes are not the answer!

It seems that the masses believe that one little wipe is the best and easiest way to remove all of their makeup. Although I wish it was that easy, it really is quite the opposite. Makeup wipes are one of the worst choices for makeup removal because of the damaging effects, ineffectiveness, and detriment to the environment. It’s time to open your eyes to why you should never use makeup wipes.

1. Can Cause Breakouts

If you do not know where your unwanted breakouts are coming from, you may have just found the answer. During a time of all of this maskne, using a makeup wipe may be prolonging the situation. The makeup wipe itself cannot remove all of your makeup effectively and serve as your cleanse. If you don’t cleanse after using a makeup wipe, you will be in for clogged pores, increased breakouts, and sensitivities. 

Using a wipe as removal does not effectively break down the makeup as much as a cleansing balm or oil that is meant to break down the makeup at a molecular level and allow for it to be washed away. Even after using the balm or oil, it is so super important to follow up with another gentle cleanser to wash all of the impurities away. The makeup wipe cannot replace your daily double cleanse system.

2. Speeds Up Ageing and Fine Lines

Taking to your beautiful face with a wipe can be very damaging and actually speed up aging of the skin. (I know it’s crazy!) Constantly pulling and tugging on the skin can cause sagging, damage to the delicate areas under the eyes, and fine lines. By repeating this process of tugging, wiping, and over-exfoliating, you can cause damage that is extremely difficult to reverse. The fibers of the wipe actually exfoliate the skin physically.

I know I used to scrub my face so hard with the wipe it felt like it was going to fall off in order to get that pesky mascara off. Stripping away at the skin aggressively will cause damage and moisture loss which will only age your skin faster than ever before. Don’t help gravity do its job any faster than it already is! 

3. Causes Sensitivities and Redness

When wiping your face, you are stripping away at the layers of the skin, so even though it may feel super smooth in the moment, you are actually causing micro-damage that will show in the long term. This is an aggressive form of removing your makeup that will be damaging to sensitive skin. Your skin may be reacting from these without you knowing the source and cause you to over-treat with different products. Over-treating the skin can be very harmful to the moisture barrier and prevent the skin from repairing itself as easily. 

4. Damaging to the Environment

One cleansing oil or balm can remove months of makeup from the skin with little to no waste, while makeup wipes cause daily disposal! Why dispose of 30 wipes a month that don’t even effectively work when you can save money, your skin, and the environment with a cleansing oil. There are so many amazing alternatives to makeup wipes out there, so it’s time to make the switch! The environment needs your help and so will your skin with everyday makeup wipe use, so try to cut back on your footprint and experiment with something new!

Basically, I hope I guilted you enough to try a different way of cleansing from your usual routine. I know it is super hard to get out of what you may normally do, but you never know what amazing results you can see if you don’t try. There are so many effective products and ingredients that can be such a treat for your skin and I want the best for you! I dare you to drop the wipes and let me know what you think! 

With Love, 

April Ann :) 

4 comentarios

Kimberly Nicola
Kimberly Nicola
16 dic 2020

Such a great post! I wish I binned wipes years ago 😭 I can’t believe I tugged at my eyes for years!!! 🥲 love all your points here, I agree it’s so bad for spots and can make your pores so clogged. I also wish I knew how bad they were for the environment sooner 😔 you made this in a such a good format too I hope this sees many people! 💖

Me gusta

Used to use cleansing wipes years ago before I discovered cleansing oils - what a game changer!! The wipes were previously the 1st step to help get off make-up grime that my cleanser wasn't getting on its own or, frankly, when I was exhausted from work + needed to crash. Can totally confirm you can have a quick + effective cleanse with cleansing oil. Even when exhausted. And will even take off mascara like it's nothing. xo C |

Me gusta

Sav Stone
Sav Stone
30 nov 2020

yes!! this is so true! makeup wipes are good for on the go moments when there is nothing else!

Me gusta

You had me at the wrinkles and fine lines. I haven't used a makeup wipe in over a year. I keep them just in case I am going camping or going to a music festival (not in 2020 obviously) haha. Great read!

Me gusta
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