Why You Should Never Use Makeup Wipes

Do you know the negative effects that makeup wipes can have on your skin? I know we all love your makeup wipes for a quick and easy makeup removal before bed, but let’s get this clear; makeup wipes are not the answer!

It seems that the masses believe that one little wipe is the best and easiest way to remove all of their makeup. Although I wish it was that easy, it really is quite the opposite. Makeup wipes are one of the worst choices for makeup removal because of the damaging effects, ineffectiveness, and detriment to the environment. It’s time to open your eyes to why you should never use makeup wipes.

1. Can Cause Breakouts

If you do not know where your unwanted breakouts are coming from, you may have just found the answer. During a time of all of this maskne, using a makeup wipe may be prolonging the situation. The makeup wipe itself cannot remove all of your makeup effectively and serve as your cleanse. If you don’t cleanse after using a makeup wipe, you will be in for clogged pores, increased breakouts, and sensitivities.