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Trend Alert: Neck Scarf Takeover

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

The neck scarf has finally returned! I have been not so patiently waiting for this feminine craze to gain momentum once again. The versatility of the neck scarf as an accessory is what makes it one of my favorite trends to date! With an infinite amount of colors, designs, lengths, and textures, this trend can take on just about any unique personality to finish off the perfect outfit.

Just for your neck? NO WAY!

Below are some ways to style this trend into your ensemble!

Neck Tie

The neck tie is a vintage style that gives off the perfect 50's flair. This feminine touch is a great way to finish off any look and layer with your favorite necklaces.

Hair Tie

The hair tie is currently the most popular scarf tie across college campuses. Tie the little scarf around any ponytail, pig tails, and half up-half down look to add volume and a pop of color. Even weave your scarf through your braid for an added renaissance aesthetic. The possibilities are endless, so get creative and experiment!

Belt Tie

This tie can be used with or without a fanny pack and woven through the belt loops of your favorite pair of jeans. Use a slightly longer scarf to give you that perfect pop of color to your basic black pack or clutch.

Accessory Tie

Why not accentuate your favorite purse by finding a tie to compliment it. Use complimentary colors, color opposites, or like hues to add into your aesthetic for your day. Play with color and don't be afraid to make a statement.

Don’t have a neck scarf? There is no need to fear because a ribbon can achieve a similar effect!

Be crazy! Be loud and let your scarf be a part of your personality. Let it reflect your style and have fun with sprucing up your current wardrobe!

With an Eternity of Love,

April Ann :)


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