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The Affordable Moisturizer You Need!

Updated: Jun 1

As a girl with dry skin, having a skincare routine catered to moisture is essential! I have never really been too picky about which moisturizer that I used until I found my new holy grail. No matter what your skin type is, it is so beyond important that you moisturize your skin in the morning and at night. Keeping the skin hydrated is amazing for getting that full and supple appearance as well as allowing for the skin to repair itself. The perfect product to keep your skin feeling fresh and healthy is none other than the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream! 

I have a slight obsession with this product because it can actually be used anywhere on the body! The Ceramides that are in the formula are truly going to help repair the skin’s natural moisture barrier and allow for your skin to retain moisture more effectively! 

Don’t be Fooled! Some brands create moisturizers and chap sticks to actually dehydrate your skin/lips in the long term so that you continue to purchase their products. Don’t worry because CeraVe does no such thing!

The Texture:

This formula is slightly thicker for those who want a heavier cream application. Because of my dry skin, it absorbs very quickly and smoothly into the skin. 

The Price:

The price is unbeatable for the size of the tub. I have been using mine daily in both the morning and night for months with still quite a lot to get through. Because this is a drugstore brand, the price varies per retailer. Hint: Costco sells packs of two for $20! - Absolutely unbeatable! 

The Performance Rating: 5/5 

This moisturizer has been absolutely amazing for my skin and all of its needs. This product has instantly hydrated dry patches, improved my fine lines, and gave me an affordable alternative that works sometimes even better than the high-end products! I love this product with all of my heart and am always excited to repurchase this beauty! 

This product should be a must-have in every skincare collection whether it be for the hydration of the face, body, or both! Definitely don’t sleep on CeraVe because your skin and wallet will thank you! 

With Love,

April Ann :)


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