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Simple Summer Smoothie Recipes to Kick Start Your Day

Updated: Jun 1

Whether you are looking to get some necessary fruits and veggies in your diet, or just a refreshing and tasty drink, try 3 of my favorite summer smoothie recipes that can start your day off right! The morning is the perfect time to energize your diet and make some healthy changes. A morning smoothie is a great way to start your health journey on the right foot everyday as well as boost your mood because they're so darn yummy!  


Pineapple Banana Blast


Pineapples are amazing super-foods because they are jam packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Pineapple smoothies are very potent and do not normally need any added sugars or flavors to taste amazingly refreshing! Incorporating the more mellow taste of the banana will add a beautiful balance to the flavors for the perfect mixture.


1 to 1½ Cups of Frozen Pineapple

1 Cut Banana

Full Single Serving of Oikos Light Yogurt 

- Choice of Pineapple, Orange, or Vanilla Flavor

Splash of Orange Juice 

All you have to do is blend it all together until smooth for the perfect summer drink! The more liquid you put in, the thinner the consistency will be. If you want a thicker smoothie for a Smoothie Bowl base, use very little liquid and avoid over blending. Garnish the drink with a pineapple cube and you are good to go! 

Add on Ingredients:

1 Tablespoon of Ground Flax Seeds 

1 Cup of Spinach - This will not have any effect on the taste of your smoothie and is a great option to add in some veggie goodness

The 4 Berry Burst

Image:https: //

Berries are high in fiber and also contain a lot of antioxidants! They are said to be beneficial for fighting against inflammation in the body and even improving the appearance of your skin. Healthy skin is clear skin, so it’s important to try and achieve your beauty from the inside out. This smoothie is delicious and the easiest to make!


2 Cups of mixed Frozen Berries Including...





Full Single Serving of Oikos Light Vanilla Yogurt

1 Cup Almond Milk

Blend until smooth and garnish with your favorite berries!

Add on Ingredients:

1 Tablespoon of Chia Seeds or Ground Flax Seeds would be the perfect addition for some extra nutrients 

Lemon-Lime Twister


This recipe is great for those who love smoothies that pack a powerful and unique taste. Lemons are great for your digestive system and even promote weight loss. Limes are very similar in properties, but also are great for overall skin health and rejuvenation. Incorporating the both into a daily routine may be a great way to see changes in your body at a faster rate. For something a little less conventional and definitely refreshing, check out the Lemon-Lime Twister. 


½ Lime - De-seeded and Peeled

½ Lemon - De-seeded and Peeled

1½ Bananas Frozen 

Orange Juice 

Full Single Serving of Oikos Light Yogurt 

- Lime or Orange 

Add on Ingredients:

Any Leafy Green like Spinach or Kale 

1 Tablespoon Ground Flax Seeds

Once again, it’s one easy blend and done! This is a unique smoothie that might be a nice change from your basic strawberry banana taste and force you to experiment a little more with your flavors. 

Most importantly, take the time at home to experiments and throw different flavors together to perfect your smoothie craft! You don’t have to always follow a recipe and can try tossing in what you already have around the house. Making smoothies should be a fun way to start you day and hopefully increase your motivation to stay on track!

Happy Blending!

With Love,

April Ann


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