Self Quarantine Ideas: Beat the Boredom while Keeping Loved Ones Safe!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Are you bored? I was definitely in a state of stir crazy somewhere in between peacefully vegetating and losing my mind. We all feel it and it sucks. Luckily, I have been trying a few new things that have been keeping my body and mind active and in a state of productivity.

This virus is not ideal and is nothing to take lightly, however it remains important to keep a positive outlook and constantly move forward. It is essential to listen to the guidelines given to the public in order to protect the safety of the more susceptible in our society.

It’s time to put our little selfish tendencies aside and just enjoy the break that is given to us. Grieving over the inconveniences is inevitable, but turning that negative emotion into fuel for creating a new routine is extremely important in the process of remaining sane in this whole mess.

Below are some of my quick tips and activities that have been keeping me occupied in my humble abode.

1. Learn or Improve Your Skills on an Instrument

I can guarantee that we all have that guitar, ukulele, or random instrument from the 4th grade collecting dust in our closets right now. The time is now! This is the perfect opportunity to write yourself a little practice schedule and teach yourself the guitar, or any other instrument that you have been putting off. Learning an instrument takes an extreme amount of time and patience so now that you have nowhere to be, you can achieve the next step towards your musical goal!