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My Travel Book: Tips for Creating Your Own Travel Journal

Updated: Jun 1

Traveling is not just about seeing the sites and getting stunning photos. Obviously it is a time to learn about the history, culture, and beauty of a specific region while of course adventuring along the way. It is recommended by many well traveled individuals to keep a journal that documents the specific facts you wish to remember, small photos and artifacts, and most importantly, the way that you feel and how you are emotionally impacted along the way.

Travel is a time for emotional growth and exploration. It can open your eyes to new business opportunities, hobbies, or even a new love interest. It is all about letting go and freeing yourself from your sheltered bubble so that you can grow with the world instead of just living on it. Here is a little tour into my travel book that hopefully I can give you some inspiration for yours.

The book itself was gifted to me by someone special, so it means the world to me. It is leather with my nickname imprinted on the front. It is important to have a connection to the book that you are choosing whether it be because you love the cover or because it has sentimental value. This will make you excited to always come back to it and keep the momentum going.

Located on the first page is a map of the world where you can color in the places you have visited. If your book doesn't have a map I highly recommend printing out a blank map and adding it in because it adds to the fun! Who doesn't like coloring am I right?

After the map, I have included a bucket list page for all of the places I would love to visit at this moment in time. This page cannot hold every single place that I would like to go, but it is a great way to get dreams out of your mind and onto paper.

Next you can start journaling. I like to list out my itinerary for the trip and go through each day with my thoughts, highs, and lows. The rest is up to you and your personal style, but I like to make mine more of a scrapbook where I keep the beautiful tickets, brochures and stamps that I will cherish forever. You can collage your book, write songs or poetry, keep it like a diary, or even just tape in your favorite photographs and write a reflection about each one.

This is a place to get creative, so that you never forget the way you felt on your trip. I like to write down the historical facts that stuck out to me so that I will never forget the amazing places that I have experienced. I recommend purchasing a book without lines so there are infinite creative possibilities for filling the pages with beautiful content.

On a more personal note, I kept my first page open for something that is very special to me. Due to pressure issues on the plane coming home from Puerto Rico, I experienced one of the most severe pains I have ever felt. Breaking down in the airport, I was struggling to push through, eat, and go about my time during the layover with minimal relief. After embarrassing myself in the Florida Airport, the waitress at our restaurant saw my distress. She went out of her way to write me a beautiful message at the end of our meal on the receipt.

Once on the plane, my entire mood was transformed. The note was simple and kind, but it managed to turn the negative cloud above my head into a positive sense of ease. This experience is proof that one small act of kindness can change someone's entire day. I was able to push forward and realize that there are wayyyy worse things that could be happening and focusing on the negative doesn't help anyone. The note will forever be with me wherever I travel on the first page of my book as a reminder to spread happiness, accentuate the positive, and appreciate the good in others. I will always remember this experience and try my best to make others feel the way that I felt that day: loved and at peace.

Extra Tips for Writing in Your Journal:

- Always be honest

- Don’t be afraid to share your difficult times or struggles

- Always jot down what made you laugh so you can reflect and smile

- Don’t make it anything but what you want it to be

- Include some physical pictures/items that stand out to you the most

Above all, have fun with it and discover what adventuring really means to you!

Here are some links to inexpensive travel journals you can check out!

With Buckets of Love,

April Ann


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