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My Summer Skincare Routine: What Gave Me My Skin Back

Updated: Jun 1

A skincare routine should be constantly changing along with your environment. This means that when the weather becomes cold and dry, it’s time for some extra moisture. In the hot summer months it is slightly harder to decipher what exactly is needed for your skin to have a healthy glow. I can’t stress enough why it is so important to take care of your skin and really look into the ingredients in your products. Certain ingredients may permanently damage your skin causing irreversible scratching, and scaring if used incorrectly.

Believe it or not the order of products used in your daily/nightly routine is almost as important as the products you choose to put on your face. Taking a step out of order will decrease the effectiveness of your product because it may conflict with the previous product or not allow for maximum absorption. Everyone has a unique and beautiful complexion, so not one skincare routine is going to do the job effectively for everyone. Hopefully with these tips you can find what works best for you and give your skin a little well deserved self love! Now If you would like to see how I became so devilishly beautiful (Just Kidding!) then take a par-ooze.

Step 1: Cleanse

If there is one step you should never leave out it is to cleanse! I was absolutely terrible to my skin when I was younger and would only rinse my face with water before bed. That is a big mistake because it is only pushing and rubbing the dirt and grime from the day further into your pores. Thousands of pimples and pounds of caked on middle school concealer later, I realized the problem. I was not fully removing all of my makeup from the previous day which causes a not so pretty sight over time.

Cleansing is the way that my skin began to clear up and how I was able to get some glow back. I use the Clearasil 12hr action cleanser which has dramatically reduced my acne when used regularly and it is my holy grail of cleansers. If you have combination skin and are looking for a cleanser this is a great choice to clear up impurities.

Step 2: Toner:

This step takes cleansing to the next level by deeply penetrating the pores to grab any residue that the cleanser had left behind. After toning, your skin will feel as clean as it possibly can be. Slowly wipe your face in outwards and upwards motions with the toner on a cotton pad and you will be able to see all that was hiding right on your face. My favorite inexpensive toner is by Botanics. It is plant based and does not irritate my skin. There is alcohol in this product which is not recommended for those with sensitive skin however, I feel like this is useful for acne prone skin to dry out the active acne.

Step 3: Face Oil

After stripping away the moisture and grime from your skin, it is important to revitalize it by plumping it up with a moisturizing face oil. This is where you can get very specific to your particular needs because there is a face oil out there for just about any skin concern. I use a night face oil that fights off pore clogging toxins. I have seen amazing results with this product and would love to try out the other serums that they provide. My skin has felt revitalized and I wake up feeling rejuvenated from the day before. Oils and serums are great way to deeply penetrate the skin with necessary nutrients that would not be obtained otherwise.

It is important to use a serum after toner because that is when your pores are the cleanest and ready to absorb the most product. It is vital for deep product penetration and better results.

Step 4: SPF and Moisturizer

If you are doing a morning routine, always apply sunscreen on your face and neck. Your neck and chest are the first places to show aging, so don’t forget! The sun is extremely damaging to the skin. Staying out too long is dangerous for your appearance and your health due to skin cancer complications that can arise with extended Ultraviolet ray exposure. Take the time to nourish and protect your skin from the environmental factors that come its way. Always moisturize in the morning and night to bring life back to your face. Overnight creams are heavier and perfect to deeply penetrate while you sleep. Day creams are light and great to wear under your foundation for a flawless finish.

Treat your skin right and take care of it just as you do your hair, teeth, and nails. If you incorporate it into your daily routine, you will see a noticeable difference and feel better too! Don’t give up on your products if you do not see results right away because skin rejuvenation takes time to noticeably appear. I use my skincare routine as a time to reflect and relax due to the therapeutic scents and textures. Learn facial massage to stimulate blood flow and relax your brain before a busy day or a beautiful night’s sleep.

With Lots of Love,

April Ann ;)


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