My Self Reflection Journey

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Self-reflection. I think we can all look back on a time where we were not the best version of ourselves, whether it be just last week, 5, or even 10 years ago! We grow, we evolve, and we are always on the path to being a better version of ourselves until we are not. If you are unaware of how your actions may be affecting others, it is time to dive deeper into self-reflection and take a big step away from self-justification. A change in friends, interests, and outside forces may deviate us from staying on path, but it is up to us to consistently self-reflect, re-evaluate, and move forward. 

There were many times in my life where I needed to reflect on my friendships, relationships, and surroundings in order to fully grow into the person I knew I was and was meant to be. Below is what I have learned from my self-reflection journey and hopefully it can help you continue along yours.

Reflection on Friendships/Relationships

Reflecting on my past friendships has been a very necessary part of my growth because I am able to see the way that friends were able to influence my emotions and actions. Friends are very important for many reasons of course, but they really have the ability to shape who you are. You want your friends to act as your motivation for success or even your role models for various qualities so that you can be influenced by the right people. Surrounding yourself with those who are motivated, strong, and independent is an amazing way to feel strong and motiv