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Mini Reminder: You Deserve Reciprocation

Updated: Jun 1

Me and the Bestie

In friendship it is so super important to feel that equal reciprocation. Follow-through should not be compromised as it is so important for a friendship to remain unstrained. You deserve someone who truly values your time the same as their own. It can be super hard to not justify their actions, but sometimes they are just too comfortable knowing that you are always right there.

Your mini reminder for today is that you should strive for reciprocation whether it be on you or on the friend.

Show appreciation to the ones that are there supporting you by simply reaching out, making plans, and following through. If you have been pushing off a friend recently, give them a call and show them that you value their friendship. If you are feeling pushed to the side, just know that it does not define your worth. Strive to be the best friend that you can be, but for equal reciprocation and not just at the other’s convenience. You are important, you are special, you are valuable, and you deserve to be treated as such… no compromise.

With Love,

April Ann :)

6 commentaires

Such a great reminder! Something we can all be more conscious of doing for ourselves and others! 🤍


I love the concept of this mini-reminder series and couldn't agree more with your take on reciprocation! It's so important in any relationship!


Such a good reminder, actually! I worry about bothering people + don't reach out. I need to not care about that + just go for it.


Really love this. Great reminder to value your friends and the people around us that support us! Don't forget about family!


18 sept. 2020

Yes Kim I totally feel the same way sometimes! It's super important to stay in touch and show appreciation from time to time😊

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