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Mini Reminder: Numbers Don't Matter!

Create What You Find to Be Beautiful - Create for YOURSELF

Numbers are just numbers.. We all seem to get caught up in numbers whether it be weight, analytics, followers, likes, and just about a billion other things. What do they even mean? Why do we tend to get so caught up in these numbers that truly hold no meaning? Getting to be a higher weight on the scale doesn’t dictate anything about your health, your appearance, your personality, or any of your daily activities, so why do we let it?

If it doesn’t really mean anything, why do we give it so much value? The number of likes we get doesn’t really mean that our content is any better than another's. The amount of comments we see should not change the way we feel about our craft. What truly matters are the relationships we have created, the love that we feel towards life and our hobbies, and the happiness that will radiate from sustainable and organic relationships. A number is a number - completely faceless.

The Mini Reminder of today is that numbers should not dictate your happiness or your craft! They only hold as much value as you give them.

Placing value on these numbers will bring us further from our goals. Having a greater focus on what we don't have instead of what we wish to achieve will only hold us back. These numbers create false satisfaction that keeps us itching for more until we forget why we even started. Be happy in your own skin and bring joy upon yourself instead of looking to the approval of others. As a content creator, it is so hard to look past the numbers and create for myself, but when I take a step back and relieve myself of the numerical pressures, my creativity soars! Live your own way and stop letting meaningless figures dictate your purpose.

With Love,

April Ann :)

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