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Hacks For Smooth Summer Feet!

Updated: Jun 1

When going to the beach or wearing cute sandals, we want to at least have our pedicure done as a way to feel more put together. Feet are not really meant to be pretty, so everyone may suffer from slight insecurities in that area. If you want to take your pretty self-pedicure up a notch, give your feet the self-care day that they have always needed! If you want to boost up your confidence and put your best foot forward, below are my hacks for smooth summer feet! 

The Soak

This can be a really beneficial way to not only relax tired feet, but soften up the skin for the treatment to follow. For a full day of self-care, you can even just hop in a hot bath for 30 mins and relax your stressors away. Read a book, light and candle, and let the hot water do its magic! 

The Exfoliation

Once you have softened up the rough areas with a soak, really go in and exfoliate the area! You can use a physical scrub on the feet without damaging the skin because it is a lot tougher than all other areas of the body. You can go in with a light chemical exfoliation as well if you need the extra help to remove the dead skin cells. 

Hack! When in doubt, use an exfoliant serum that was too harsh on your face and apply it on your feet! You definitely don’t want to be wasteful, so if a product doesn’t work for your particular skin type on your face, try it out on your body. 

The Buff 

Buffing is such an important part of the exfoliation process because it takes things a step further on the parts of the feet that need the most attention. Focus on the heels and the balls of your feet to smooth everything out. There are a lot of fun tools you can buy to help you in the process so that you are never without super smooth feet! 

The Wrap

This is my personal favorite hack because it forces you to relax. Apply your favorite heavy moisturizer to the tops and bottoms of the feet and be very generous with your application. Avoid applying any moisturizer between the toes to protect yourself from gross bacteria! Then take out your plastic wrap and really wrap up the both of your feet nice and tight! This is a great tactic to lock in all the moisture while giving a really nice leave-on treatment. You can leave this on for 10 minutes or even up to an hour depending on the results you wish to achieve. Wrapping up your feet and watching a movie is a great way to force yourself to slow down and take some needed time to relax. 

The Final Moisturize

Lastly and simply, moisturize moisturize, moisturize. The skin at the bottom of the feet is extremely dense and will not be easily penetrated with one little layer of light moisturizer. Really take the time to work it into the areas that need the most help and get the product to fully absorb. If you have been struggling with tired or aching feet, this is the perfect time to give a little self-massage and ease that tension. You never want to ever have a self-massage without the necessary slip from a moisturizer so take advantage of the moment and give your feet a chance to relax. 

Of course, doing these simple steps about once a week would be ideal to have beautiful feet for summer! Just like anti-aging skincare for your face, our bodies need just as much love to stay healthy and young. Keeping up with this can prevent damage that can only be fixed with medical procedures and cost you tons in the future! It’s time to do yourself a favor and feel confident with your new summer feet! 

With Love,

April Ann  



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Jul 06, 2020

Hi Croatia!! (also much needed tips ty)

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