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Creator Spotlight: Kyra Kouture 

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Kyra Surgent with Kyra Kouture! 

Insta: @kyra_kouture

I love when I get the opportunity to connect with creators who are truly passionate about what they are putting out into the world. As a current fashion major, I have gained a huge appreciation for those who can cultivate their own brand and stay true to their style all under the pressures that we face from society to succeed. I know that going against the grain and showing the world what you can do is never easy, so when I stumbled upon this awesome creator I just had to support! 

Kyra Surgent is the beautiful and talented creator behind Kyra Kouture! She is such a sweet and amazing fashionista who took a chance on her passion and created success! After stumbling across her page in the College Fashionista Community group, I was instantly inspired by the fun and energetic vibe that her pieces radiate! She makes custom tie-dye pieces in a wide variety of whimsical and colorful combinations that can be made to suit your personal style. Her choice of graphics on her tees each have such a strong personality which allows the garments to translate well from loungewear all the way up to streetwear when styled differently! 

For my first of many purchases from Kyra Kouture, I picked out the super simple Blue Butterfly Tank! I was so happy with the way it turned out and am excited to experiment with the styling in the future! 

Get to Know Kyra Kouture! 

Tell me a little about yourself and what sparked your interest in fashion?

I am currently a rising junior in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, studying magazine journalism with a focus in Fashion and Beauty Communications. 

For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with all things fashion. Growing up, I had to wear a school uniform so I would spend my free time trying on outfits and getting ready for fun. I would definitely be lying if I said I didn’t still have mini fashion shows for myself all the time. 

Being a magazine major, I love following trends and finding new ways to experiment with style. I am currently the digital editor of an on-campus publication and I spend most of my time writing style pieces, which never really feels like work to me. In the future, I would love to work in the fashion industry somehow, but regardless, I know that my style will always be a huge platform of self-expression for me. 

What is Kyra Kouture and what does it mean to you?

Kyra Kouture is my small, five-month-old, custom clothing business. I specialize in tie dyed and custom graphic pieces and I sell a variety of products from sweats to tees to tank tops to masks. 

I started Kyra Kouture as a quarantine passion project and an outlet for creativity, but it has grown into so much more for me. What may seem like a little Instagram tie dye shop has become a platform for connecting me with fellow fashion-loving individuals and new friends across the country! Since starting Kyra Kouture, I have connected with so many amazing people (like you!!) and learned a ton about myself, and what I am really capable of! 

Have you always wanted to create your own business?

Honestly, creating my own business was something that never really crossed my mind until recently. Despite my love of fashion, I had never previously tried creating my own clothing pieces- and now I can’t stop! 

Over winter break, I thought it would be fun to try tie dying matching sets for me and my best friend. When I got back to Syracuse, I wore the statement sweats all the time and when I noticed the positive attention they were receiving, I knew I had to do something about it. I started by making custom pieces for my close circle of friends and eventually the business grew and Kyra Kouture was born! 

What inspires you?

This is a tough question because I feel like I am constantly getting style inspiration everywhere I look! Recently, I have been spending a little too much time on Pinterest- it really is an awesome source for fashion aesthetic inspiration. I also definitely get a lot of my ideas from Instagram too. While quarantining, I have been finding tons of inspo in my own closet by experimenting with clothes I haven’t touched in months and finding ways to fit them to my current favorite styles. Kyra Kouture has made me realize that I am capable of making my own pieces so if I have an idea, I make it happen no matter how much cutting, dyeing, or sewing it may take! 

What have been some of your favorite pieces you’ve created?

I love making custom pieces because I get to brainstorm with my creative customers! I often find myself finishing up a piece for someone and wanting to keep it for myself. It’s tough to pick, but I think my tie dye hoodies are my favorite items. While I love dressing up, I really love being cute and cozy and a fun Kyra Kouture hoodie really does the trick. Also, I will always love my hot pink tie dye sweat set that started everything and gave me the idea for Kyra Kouture in the first place!

What are your fave ways to style your Kyra Kouture?!

While most Kyra Kouture pieces may seem like loungewear items, I absolutely love experimenting with ways to dress them up. I like wearing my over-sized hoodies and graphic tees as dresses and styling them with chunky jewelry like hoops and layered necklaces. I’m also obsessed with pairing the cropped tanks with fun jeans and sunglasses for relaxed summer looks. I have a blast when I photograph the clothes for the Kyra Kouture Instagram page because I really get to play dress up! 

Working to create Kyra Kouture has been an absolute blast for me. I am so grateful for the skills I have developed and the incredible individuals I have met along the way! I am looking forward to watching this creative project grow and seeing where it takes me in the future! 


I hope all of you conscious consumers out there check her out and support her along her journey with me! I am truly inspired by her determination and style, and can't wait to see how she grows in the future. Seeing the beautiful creator behind the product, makes the pieces all the more meaningful. 

With Love,

April Ann :)


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