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Best Healing Crystals According to Your Zodiac

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Whether you are a believer in the zodiac star signs or not, it is super fun to self analyze and reflect on your decisions in life. I go into the zodiac with an open mind and use it as a way to spark my self reflection. Whether the accuracy of the horoscope is there or not, I am able to still dive deeper into the meaning behind my actions and think about how I may be affecting others.

In ancient Reiki practice, crystals were used for their healing properties on the main chakras located along the body. The unique properties of each stone is seen as an amazing way to help balance out human energy and create a harmonious environment.

Due to the unique characteristics that the star signs possess, there are particular crystals that may be better for some signs over others. Crystals are not only used for Reiki practice, but can be a beautiful addition to your home decor that can help cleanse your negative emotions or anxiety in daily life! Below you can find the best crystals to incorporate into your surrounding environment for an optimal energy balance!


If you are an Aries, you are a leader by nature. Your impeccable way to persuade and bring others together against the odds is one of their many attractive qualities. You love to get new ideas going and kick-start your life with big and wild dreams for success! Because of your large and sometimes unrealistic ambitions, you may struggle with the follow-through of your big plans and goals.

A great crystal to combat the self-doubt would be Carnelian. This stone’s energy can act as the confidence boost to push you forward into completing your biggest goals and aspirations.

Aventurine is also a very powerful stone for communication and opening up the Aries to be more balanced and in touch with the emotions of others. Placing these crystals around the house or even incorporating them into your jewelry may be beneficial as a reminder to seek balance in your day to day.


A very positive stone for the stubborn Taurus is the Emerald Stone because it is said to bring forth a sense of infinite patience. You are normally very stable and reliable while being a well grounded individual.

A Taurus without the confidence may find difficulty in speaking up for what they believe in without fear of judgement, so a great stone to incorporate into a Taurus home would be Blue Kyanite. This stone is used when dealing with difficult people is unavoidable and true feelings need to be mindfully expressed. The stone is calming and may help you in creating new beginnings.

Rose Quartz is another stone that balances out the heart chakra. By connecting your heart to feelings of unconditional love for a partner and one’s self, a healthier outlook on love and past jealousies will unfold.


The emotional nature of a Gemini is balanced by a cleansing Jade stone. The Jade can help you remove the negative energy and turn it into a sense of peace and tranquility.

Jasper is an amazing stone for gaining the sense of togetherness with loved ones, so that your need for positive attention is fulfilled. The increase in positive energy is very important for you due to the strong pull of their emotions and need for communication.

Good communication is one of your most admirable qualities and can be supplemented with Aquamarine. This crystal can play an important role in increasing positive communication and decreasing over handling situations. By having a stronger focus on gentile and realistic communication, you will be better heard and understood more clearly among varying audiences.


Cancer is an emotional sign that could use some balance when connecting to the emotions of others. The Red Jasper is an interesting stone because it can help with stabilizing emotions so that you can be a reliable source of support for others. This balance is important because it may help you gain more self-awareness in other difficult situations.

Carnelian is another crystal that may be beneficial because it can help you grab onto your challenges and push past them with greater ease. It may give you the energy that you need to push you over the undesirable hump in your life that you may feel is impossible to get past.


As a Leo you may struggle with heightened stress and anxiety in different situations. If you wish to combat that negative energy, incorporating Amethyst into your surroundings may be beneficial. It may help you feel more at peace by pushing out the negative energy and harnessing it into motivation that is even stronger. The healing effects of this stone may bring a more tranquil atmosphere into your daily activities.