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Béis - The Ultimate Travel Essentials You Never Knew You Needed

Traveling anytime soon? If you are looking for beautiful and affordable travel essentials look no further! Béis is taking the travel market by storm and is not going to slow down anytime soon! Béis is company that sells travel bags, luggage, travel essentials and more to ease the blow of your crazy travel schedule. The Béis products are specifically designed with the consumer and end-use in mind above all else. From the gorgeous minimalistic style to the robust functionality, the Béis bags and travel essentials are the perfect additions to your collection that can make vacation really feel like a vacation. There can be way less stressful and disorganized travel if you have a Béis product in hand.

What makes Béis stand out in the competitive industry? Why should you go out and buy a bag today?

Shay Mitchell as a Devoted Creator:

Working in the world of product development, I see product being created, the quality of certain fabrics and materials, as well as the time and energy that is put into creating one single piece. Shay Mitchell is an actress and YouTuber who managed to plug this brand into her crazy life. After watching one of her videos on the creation of Béis, I was able to see the dedication and passion that she has for creating the perfect product for her consumer. By personally traveling to China in order to specifically choose each detail from the millions of options is a task that not many celebrities have the drive to complete personally for their consumers. It is always a nice feeling to know that the product being purchased was created with care and passion above all else.

The Weekender Bag Review:

This bag is everything and more! If you are planning your next trip overseas or even just to your girlfriend’s house for the weekend, you should check out the Weekender Bag by Béis. This is the perfect travel bag for maximum storage space and durability all while being beautifully stylish and chic.

Features Transferred From Béis Website:

NEW! STRAP WITH CLIP Because: keys.

WATER-RESISTANT LINING Keeps what's inside nice and dry.

ZIP-NOOK FOR SHOES No more sole-searching.

EXTERNAL POCKET Because: keys.

PADDED LAPTOP SLEEVE Airport security on-point.

TROLLEY PASSTHROUGH Plays nice with roller bags.

CARRY-ON COMPLIANT Bring on the overhead bin

The Zip-Nook for Shoes is my favorite feature of this bag. It allows for the perfect space to store bulky shoes, a separate space to keep dirty laundry from the weekend, or a separate spot to keep damp bathing suits. Having this separate compartment allows the bag to truly act more as a piece of luggage than just a large duffel bag.

The Padded Laptop Sleeve is a perfect add-on to keep out spills and damage to your precious laptop. The bag has a large opening that is structured with a wire for more support while packing and unpacking. This is a great feature because you can actually SEE your items without rummaging around and possibly even forgetting what you packed! (<--@me)

The Trolly Passthrough has done me well for the longer trips because it is compatible with larger luggage. Just slip the bag over the luggage handle and you are good to go!

The bag has served its purpose beautifully in my experience and there is very little that I disliked about the performance, durability, and style of course.

Downside: When the bag is filled to its capacity the strap is not very comfortable for traveling. With less weight the strap does not dig into the shoulder however because of the large amount of space, it becomes a challenge to not make it too heavy for carrying.

The Béis Backpack:

This backpack has it all! I have never been more satisfied with a backpack because this is a multi-purpose item. It not only serves it purpose for a busy college schedule, but it acts as a mini suitcase for weekend trips. When I am traveling and do not want to carry my larger Weekender Bag, I reach for the perfectly sized backpack that fits all that I need.

With convenient zipper pockets for smaller items such as accessories and travel sized products, it becomes even easier to travel and keep all of the necessary essentials safe and accessible. A feature that has served me well would be the plastic pocket that allows me to store makeup without a worry of spills ruining the contents of my bag. The zipper opens the bag like a suitcase which makes it desirable for packing efficiently. This bag has yet to fail me and I am excited to see the durability over time!

Features Transferred From Béis Website:








As a consumer that is looking for high quality, durability, and style, I would not look any further than Béis. The brand is always surprising me with new improvements and they know how to take customer comments into consideration. They listen and respond which is all that I can ask from a growing company. Shay Mitchell is doing an amazing job with her team! I will be following this brand with a close eye in the months to come to see the new addition of styles and colors. Béis has completely changed the way that I pack for travel, so you all should go give them a try too!

I can't forget about the amazing customer service team that has always responded quickly an efficiently :)

Where to buy The Weekender Bag:

With Béis Bags of Love,

April Ann ;)


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