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A New Perspective on Stress: A little Help Dealing with Life's Stressors

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

I would love to share my personal take on stress and how to cope with life’s stressors. My tactics will not work for everyone, but hopefully sharing my perspective on stress could inspire food for thought during a tough time.


We all have it, suffer from it and just wish it would disappear if we scream at it enough. Why do we let stress control our lives? It forces us to believe that our life is destined to be a certain way if we do not follow a rigid path. It leads us to believe that we are not good enough for ourselves and our peers. It leads us to believe that we are stuck behind a road block unable to move forward.

In the heat of a stressful moment, it is difficult to be in control. It may feel like an outside entity is grabbing you by the reigns and pulling you in a different direction than where life naturally wants you to go. When seen as a negative force, emotional stress can hold you back from future success and happiness. However when the perspective is shifted to a positive, the “stress” becomes a motivational strength that can propel you into achieving your goals even faster!

Once you can see the stress that currently controls you as the thing that will act with you in strength, you will become the unstoppable force.

I start by thinking of my main emotional goal in life. We all want success in a particular field or to be a celebrity sitting on piles of cash, but since stress is a controller of our emotions, the only way to overcome it is by fighting the bad thoughts with good ones! :) I know it sounds weird, but give it a go! My goal is to be happy day by day and hopefully spread that to those around me. Simplify your goals to put into perspective that life is not as complex as it may seem. Once you have your goal as your main focus, use it as a way to live and think in your daily life. If I am not happy in the moment, it is time to change my approach, but if I am truly enjoying what life has brought my way I stick to it and continue my growth without necessarily prioritizing where I “must” be in 40 years into my future.

Of course it is important to work towards all of your goals in life and plan for your future, but if your emotional health is at stake take a step back and remember that your emotional goal should be held above all others.

I know it may be confusing or difficult, but it is most important to live life one day at a time. Life is about balance. In school we must find the balance of social life and school work, family and friends, and relationships and work responsibilities to name a few. No matter what you are balancing, it is important to keep your emotional state as a priority or stress will run in and delay all of your progress. If life is getting you down or you feel the blues, ask yourself “Am I happy in this friend circle?” “Am I happy in this relationship?” “Am I happy with this career path?” If the answer is no, get out of it and make a positive change in order to achieve your emotional goals.

Stress can control you. If you let something else control your life, you will never be the best version of yourself. Make choices in your life that are leading you somewhere higher. I have made mistakes in the past by relying on others to relieve my stressors. This dependency only prolongs your process of overcoming stress because it is avoiding the inevitable. The only person who can make the change for yourself is you, so it is necessary to take those steps towards success.

Remember that you are beautiful, you are kind, and you have your entire life to live ahead of you so you better enjoy it!! Our entire lives we were coached to constantly work our butts off to get to the next step in life. We all know the progression of working hard to get to middle school, getting good grades to get into college, and getting a degree to get a job. I believe that life is more than just a path to the next step. It is a gift given to us to live out happiness, experience beauty, and give love onto others.

Easy Tips To Relieve Short Term Stress

-Exercise is a proven way to relieve built up stress in a healthy way. Take some time and push yourself to a healthier lifestyle

-Spend time connecting with nature (My Favorite)

-Take a few minutes a day to meditate and reflect

-Deep breaths are scientifically proven to relieve stress (Easy Right?)

-Find relaxing scents and self care methods to boost productivity and level headed nature

-Talk to a therapist. A professional is always willing to help and offer an outside perspective

Think of the world as your place to explore and find love whether in relationships or friendships along the way. You can’t happily enjoy the gifts that life brings your way if stress is holding you back. Take the time for personal exploration in order to give all the love in your heart to others, while receiving all of their love in return. You deserve it and are capable of a less stressful lifestyle with a little determination and a couple moments a day to just breathe. Realize your emotional goal, live life to that goal, and make it happen for yourself and others.

With Love,

April Ann :)


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