21 Lessons I Learned Before Turning 21

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

As my 21st birthday is approaching, I have decided to reflect back on the years and all of the craziness that has happened both amazing and not so great. Everything that we go through in life, the people that we meet, and how we handle situations all act as lessons that we can either choose to apply or dismiss in our future endeavors.

As a method of self care, it is important to not only self reflect, but also applaud yourself for your achievements and lessons that were learned along the way. I have created a quick list of 21 lessons I have learned over the years that could hopefully act as a little spark of inspiration for your own self love and reflection during this crazy time!

1. Fight fire with success

Turn received hate or negative comments into fuel for productivity. If someone is wasting their time bashing you to others, you're still relevant to them… enjoy it ;)

2. Victimizing oneself only gains short term attention and not long term support

A victim complex is dangerous and will only drive the good people away.

3. Writing out your feelings to no one is more productive than hitting send

Sometimes putting a situation out into the world unheard is more productive than starting an uphill battle.

4. Believe in your abilities!