Transparency Sells: Brands you can Trust in the Fashion Industry

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Quick Question: Who made the shirt you are wearing? No, not the designer or brand, but who physically constructed that shirt with their own two hands? Not to assume, but your answer is most likely unclear because the individual use of the supply chain is not advertised in today’s society.

Due to the increase in general transparency from the internet, consumers are more aware of the immoral or under the rug business practices that occur in the fashion industry. A generational movement is occurring that is stirring up big businesses and brands that have just about everything to hide. Simply put, consumers want to know the truth. The shift from buying what is shiny because it looks trendy to buying sustainable and morally sound products is upon us, and I am liking the look of it. Consumers are not as willing to put their money into something that does not support their personal values. Why is this so terrifying for big business? This means that companies have to come clean in order to have substantial growth in the years to come.

Millennials have a strong focus on status and what considers a person to be on trend. Young millennials and generation Zers are bending the prior view of high status into something that can positively shape the industry and its practices. “Luxury brands” always seemed to be synonymous with “high status” amongst the public. However if a person is wearing fur from Burberry for example, their social status drops in the eyes of common morality because of the frowned upon fur trade. The younger generations today are battling for both status and morality, so why not give them both? Consumers are looking to make a difference and feed into what they believe monetarily.

Some brands, big and small are taking the leap into transparency to pave the way for societal change. Below are my top fashion/jewelry brands that represent the image of morality and take the transparency trend into their own hands.

Patagonia: In it for the Impact

Patagonia is a leader in the race to transparency with their consumers. With open arms they accept all questions and inquiries about their