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Best Non-Toxic Nail Polish Brands You Need in Your Life

Updated: Jun 1

Nail Polish is something that we never really take too seriously, but we should! We may forget that the toxins we put onto our nails can be just as harmful, or even more so than the toxins absorbed through the skin. Finding a non-toxic nail polish brand that offers a great alternative might be exactly what you need! Below are my favorite nail polish brands that are non-toxic and safe for use! 

Our nails are porous just like our skin and can allow the potential toxins to absorb into the body directly. Getting your nails done at the salon offers a greater risk than self-polishing because you may be getting the Gel Treatment. Yes, the Gel lasts way longer and gives a beautiful finish to the nail, but you are forcing absorption of very harmful UV rays into the body. The rays are penetrating not only the nail, but your hands that are also laying under the direct light. 

In order to avoid potential long-term damage and brittleness of the nails, try to give your nails a cleanse and opt for some clean options. Before jumping right in with more polish after a Gel treatment, I recommend letting your nails time to breathe and recuperate from the damage.

 The non-toxic polishes perform just as well as any other normal nail polish, but without the toxins!    


Zoya polishes are non-toxic and vegan! These perform beautifully and are easily found in many salons and stores without a crazy price tag. The brand offers a very large variety of colors and beautiful finishes that give you a look for every mood! 


This brand is nothing short of adorable and is certified PETA cruelty free! From an ethical standpoint I don’t know if you can get much better than this! They produce their products in the USA and support the clean beauty community. They more recently branched out into beauty and body products that follow their amazing standards. This is a brand you do not want to pass up! 


Nailtural is a sustainably sourced nail polish brand that focuses on creating more natural and cleaner nail polish in a wide range of colors. They use sustainability as their driving source of inspiration for the brand and are a great option for those who are looking for a product that is free of 16 toxic ingredients commonly used in nail care products! 


Pacifica has come in on the list as being a great inexpensive option that can be easily found at the drugstores. Pacifica is a brand that has amazing formulas, but may compromise on the packaging quality in order to give the consumer the best possible product at the best possible price. However, the packaging of the nail polish is made from recycled materials which makes for not only a clean option, but a sustainable one as well! 


Adesse is my personal favorite on the list despite the slightly more expensive price tag. The brand offers Gel, Glitter, and Liquid Chrome finishes to choose from in a very large selection of colors. The colors I have personally tried are all very unique and never fail to impress me. They are a 12-free brand and are produced right in New York! 

Brands that perform well and are taking the necessary strides in the community are amazing outlets for the conscious consumers to use the power of their dollar to stand up for what is right. Just opening and smelling a bottle of nail polish is an immediate red flag that something’s not right. If you can use a product that is the same price, same level of quality, and a safer alternative, why would you pass up the opportunity! It is time to make the switch and check out some amazing products that are a great place to use your consumer power!

With Love,

April Ann :)


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