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Too Much Coffee? Effects of Coffee and Caffeine on Your Skin

Updated: Jun 1

Coffee. It seems to be the one thing that society just can’t live without. We can find ourselves drinking cup after cup without even batting an eye! Now do we ever think about what affect this mini (or massive) addiction may have on our skin? Caffeine itself is an ingredient commonly found in skincare, while drinking physical coffee may be the culprit to some of your most frustrating skin dilemmas! Keep on reading to see the effects of coffee and caffeine on your skincare journey. 

Drinking Your Beloved Coffee

This topic has been up for debate for quite some time, but it is pretty apparent that drinking coffee in moderation does not have any negative effects on your skin! (I know, such a relief!) Drinking coffee in moderation may even be beneficial for the overall skin appearance. However, once you reach your 3rd or even 4th cup of the day, you may be running into some serious issues that can leave long-lasting damage. 


In moderation, ingesting coffee is a great source of natural antioxidants. These helpful antioxidants help to fight off free radicals that actually act as a preventative force for aging. Yes, your coffee may actually help you age more gracefully! Coffee also has anti-inflammatory properties which are an added benefit to drinking your favorite beverage. 

Coffee and Acne 

The not so good news, is that your caffeine addiction may be making your already existing acne worse. Caffeine is scientifically proven to increase production of cortisol in the body, also known as the stress hormone. This increase in stress levels will actually increase oil production on the face and allow for more clogging and irritation. If you have quite oily skin, maybe easing off of the coffee could help with managing the situation. 

Ingesting the caffeine is also a great way to stay awake and lose some much-needed sleep. Sleep deprivation is a cause of acne among many and can be avoided with just a little more self-care. 


If you are hooked on the sugary drinks and syrups in your daily cup of joe, it might be time to say goodbye. Your typical sugary Starbucks drink could have upwards of 70 grams of sugar! For those who don’t know, that is an insane amount! The sugar produces more insulin in the body which is directly linked to the hormone responsible for developing acne. Sugary foods have always been connected with acne, but we sometimes forget that our favorite daily drink may have more than double the sugar of an entire chocolate cake!  

Caffeine in Skincare - It’s Great! 

Caffeine is seen in many popular eye creams, anti-cellulite scrubs, and products looking to reduce inflammation in the skin. If you are looking for brightening the under-eye area as well as depuffing, caffeine is a great ingredient to have in your eye cream or serum. Applying a caffeine infused eye serum and immediately following up with a moisturizer will ensure that your under-eyes will be dramatically improved in the morning. Unfortunately, the effects of caffeine are not long lasting and will only create results when in use. 

I highly recommend the Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG 

This product will last you a long time and give some great results with a very low-price tag. I am not normally one to invest in eye creams when a moisturizer will do the job, but this product is the exception! With a smooth and oil-like texture, the solution applies like a dream. 

Caffeine and Cellulite 

Cellulite is a struggle most women have that will honestly, just never go away. We are constantly looking for solutions to this insecurity! Caffeine will not erase cellulite, but it can reduce the appearance for a short period of time. Using caffeine scrubs, wraps, or even oil treatments may help dehydrate the fatty tissue in the area and create a smoother appearance. To aid in the effects of caffeine on cellulite, try increasing circulation daily with a scrub or dry brushing technique to get the lymphatic system up and running at full speed! 

Coffee is basically an essential for mankind around the world, so it is definitely not going anywhere. If you have been struggling with acne and extra stress for quite some time, maybe your coffee intake is the culprit! Use the extra time at home to ease yourself off of the addiction, or even incorporate caffeine infused products into your routine to see what happens. Caffeine is not a miracle ingredient, but it may be exactly what you need for those short-term results and quick fixes you have been looking for! 

With Love,

April Ann




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