The Morning Commute: Getting Un-Stuck

7:29am Train - Feeling: Stuck

Good morning!

Today, looking out the window, the train feels stagnant while the world is moving around me.

Am I stuck?

Is there a fast way to get my train moving again, or is gaining more freedom just out of my control?

Do you ever feel like life is moving, but you are standing still? As I am looking out of the window it looks like the world is moving so fast around me while I am stuck in the same place in my same seat, motionless. I never thought that little observation could metaphorically represent a stage in my life. I am currently living with my parents as a recent grad feeling like who I was in college is slowly disappearing. Nothing frustrates me more than being stuck in a position where my life doesn’t quite feel like my own. Everything is constantly dictated and calculated with nothing much that can be done about it. I truly felt motionless.

When starting a new job there is an overwhelming sense of routine and a somewhat strict schedule that goes along with it. In a perfect world I would be living in my own apartment with a new kitten and all the freedom in the world, but realistically that is just not the case. As young individuals, we are forced into this transitional period where we are working like adults without all the freedom that goes along with it. It’s so easy to feel stuck. If you are going through a transitional period in your life, there are so many questions that go along with it:

How to I escape this? What will make me happier? How long will this last? What is actually in my control?

I know there is a way out, but I am still trying to figure out how to escape. I usually bring everything back to a point of perspective and try to shift my mindset when faced with adversity. As I am sitting here sulking about my problems, I am thinking about that train metaphor again... When you look straight ahead out the window, it feels like the world is buzzing by, but actually, you are 100% certain that you are propelling forward towards your destination.

Maybe I am not stuck at all, but in a position that brings me closer to my goals and my destination in life! Realizing and reiterating to myself that this transition is the necessary path to transport me to exactly where I want to be is truly reassuring and is the factor that keeps me going.

Take the time to think about the difficulties that you are facing and switch the perspective. Things may be piling up, you may feel stuck, uninspired, or in a rut, but gaining the clarity to why you are feeling that certain way will give you the positive spark to propel you forward.

So, I am just about approaching my destination now, so I’m signing off – wishing you the best of luck navigating your way to changing your perspective.

With Love,

April Ann