Taking the Road Less Travelled

Why is taking the road less travelled so hard? We seem to be so stuck in this fear of spreading our wings and flying down a different path.

Greatness comes from individuality and making leaps that we never knew we were capable of. Whether it be exploring a different career path, expressing ourselves differently than others, or even just living more unconventionally, why are we so scared?

Taking the road less travelled doesn’t have to be a risk that is draining and utterly nerve wracking. It can be that one thing that will bring you what you’ve always wanted. Conformity in its truest sense is holding us back from achieving our dreams, so maybe it is time to take the road less travelled. 

Fight Past Judgement

Expectations and judgements are held over us constantly! Pressure from family, friends, society, and media play a huge role in the decisions we make for ourselves. We have always been taught to follow the strict linear path from school, to college, to a 9-5 jo