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Taking the Road Less Travelled

Why is taking the road less travelled so hard? We seem to be so stuck in this fear of spreading our wings and flying down a different path.

Greatness comes from individuality and making leaps that we never knew we were capable of. Whether it be exploring a different career path, expressing ourselves differently than others, or even just living more unconventionally, why are we so scared?

Taking the road less travelled doesn’t have to be a risk that is draining and utterly nerve wracking. It can be that one thing that will bring you what you’ve always wanted. Conformity in its truest sense is holding us back from achieving our dreams, so maybe it is time to take the road less travelled. 

Fight Past Judgement

Expectations and judgements are held over us constantly! Pressure from family, friends, society, and media play a huge role in the decisions we make for ourselves. We have always been taught to follow the strict linear path from school, to college, to a 9-5 job, but what if you want your path to squiggle all over the place. Linear is boring and not what will create the success you wish to achieve. People are going to push you down. You are not going to stop comparing yourself to the others around you and their apparent successes, but know that you have one life to live in any way that you choose, so make it count!

Some of the most successful people in the world have gone against the status quo and stuck up for what they believe in through action. Becoming a successful entrepreneur and traveling the world is attainable. Backpacking across Europe and still having time to establish your career is attainable. People will judge you, and then through jealous eyes look up to your success. You just need to get over that first hump of judgement. 

Personal Note:


When starting my blog, I received the weirdest type of judgment. Something felt slightly embarrassing about it because I was expressing myself outside of the norm. Putting yourself out there on the internet is not the most accepted activity, yet once I started growing slowly but surely, their minds began to change. I noticed a shift where people began to build me up instead of bring me down and people that I never could have imagined would show support have been cheering me on the whole time. If I did not believe in my idea and my passion, I would be a billion steps away from my goal to be my own boss and create a business that can help change the world. If I can get over that hump, sure as heck you can too! 

Fear of Failure and Lack of Stability

Failure is inevitable, but precious. Putting yourself in a position that is open to failure means you are on a path to grow and learn. Stability is something that we all want and honestly need at some point in our lives, but committing yourself to stability and not using your potential could lead to a life of complacency. You know deep down what you want, but fear of not living up to the expectations of others and yourself can hold you back. You need to trust in your abilities and know that fear of failure is never going to go away, so learning to push past it is so important! If you are dedicated enough to your dream and work hard at achieving your goal, you will succeed. 

Make it Happen for Yourself

If you believe that college isn't for you, you do not have to go to be successful! If you have a crazy idea for a business that you believe in, you can be successful! You just have to trust in yourself and your ability to push past the judgement of society and live for yourself. Be proud and stand tall, because it takes a strong and passionate individual to think outside of the box and break free from conformity. Take that risk that you have always been pondering and just say to yourself that you are going to make it happen because the road less travelled is way more fun to explore!  

With Love,

April Ann :)



Kimberly Nicola
Kimberly Nicola
Nov 29, 2020

Emily I loved every second of this post. I felt like I was reading all my beliefs and values and the fact you’ve put it out there in this post has made me feel calm, comfortable and relieved. I think I had my break through in 2018 where I left this horrible university I was at - it wasn’t culturally diverse and everyone was from the same middle class economic background.. I only went for it status of it and my pride but it really wasn’t for me, I didn’t feel comfortable and something wasn’t right.. after I took exams there and it was getting closer to going back I left and now I’m at a much better uni, thriving…


Love when people talk about their experience striking out on their own. It's genuinely hard as no one hands you a guidebook. If you've never bumped into it, the podcast "Second Life" is a must! About those who drastically switched careers, some famous, + many are entrepreneurs. Think all (or majority) were women. It's so true that you experience a lot of pushback or discouragement in the beginning. Sticking with it + growing does see a shift. Perhaps the commitment brings them around. xo C |


Anjum Ali
Anjum Ali
Nov 20, 2020

Thank you so much for sharing this post april! I really felt each and everyline of this post... Its like i am reading my own thoughts... I realized that 9 to 5 job is not for me and i wanted to do something on my own! As i was already writing articles for people, my sister suggested me that i should start my own blog! It wasn't easy to make the decision but i wasn't happy with what i was doing and now i am happy even its difficult but still its something that makes me happy!

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