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Milan Fashion Week: Behind the Outfit

Never in a billion years did I ever think I would make it to 3 fashion capitals of the world! After quite a lot of New York visits, and my trip to Tokyo, Milan was next on the list. Keep reading to check out what I wore to the Milan fashion week festivities!

Milan is known for its unique and sophisticated style. The city center is the complete opposite of the historic cities of Florence and Rome with its wide streets and tall buildings. Milan is like the the Manhattan of Italy which provides amazing opportunities for street fashion and self expression to trickle up onto the runways. The modernized city was booming with new trends and luxury brands galore. I was excited to see the looks that put less of an emphasis on the brand names, but on how the pieces compliment each other in the finished look.

My friends and I decided to take a short train ride from the classic city of Florence to Milan for Fall Fashion Week. The day was nothing but a dream to be surrounded by a constant feeling of expression and good vibes from the fashion community. I could tell that everyone was excited to show the world what they were able to create! Below is my casual and travel friendly fashion week look!

I decided to go with a slightly edgier look when deciding my outfit. I needed to find a look that would be comfortable and fit for the weather of course!

Top by TopShop: A semi-sheer knit with a high neckline. The material is extremely lightweight, easy to wash and does not wrinkle! The spotted effect subtly illudes to the cheetah print trend with a slight twist. 100% Polyester

Skirt by TopShop: This faux leather skirt is the perfect staple for a study abroad student. You can dress it up or down and even wear it across all seasons. By adding black stockings or thigh high boots, the skirt is transformed into a winter piece. The asymmetry of the zippers and belt add a unique twist to a basic leather skirt.

Boots by Treasure & Bond: These black leather booties are one of my new favorite pieces in my collection. We all know that finding the perfect pair can be a nightmare, however these finally encompassed everything that I was looking for in a basic. The slight heel adds just the right amount of lift while still remaining comfortable for every day wear. The zipper and zipper pull are strong and well made while the height of the boot is just slim enough around the ankle to create a flattering silhouette.

Barret and Socks by WeGo Japan: I accessorized with a barret style hat and ruffle cuff socks to add some quirky flair. The trim on the socks matched the white seams on the skirt and created some necessary balance. These accessories were purchased in my favorite Japanese store, WeGo located in Harijuku. The store is filled with color and quirky pieces to make any outfit stand out from the basic trends. With inexpensive prices and a wide variety of accessories, it is impossibe to leave empty handed.

My look in a nutshell was simple and comfortable while still representing my personal style. When going to an event it is exciting for a fashion lover to pick out an outfit that makes them feel confident and excited to showcase their creativity. Always be true to yourself and the look will just fall into place. Remember to try and treat everyday as a new and exciting way to express yourself because hey, playing dress up as YOU is pretty darn fun!

With Shopping Bags of Love,

April Ann :)

Scroll down to see my friend's look for the day


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